I have just ventrued into the wonderful world of HD video. I have of course boiught the HD tv last December (Sony Bravio 42'' LCD), have been doing the HD Xbox 360 gaming, HD Directv, ect...

Now I am venturing into the HD world with my new Canon Vixia HV 30. I have been using Sony Vegas and Sony DVD Aritech for a while now, and been capturing analog as well as DV video with firewire ect.

I have been mostly doing the family type videos... Christmas, vactions, weddings, ect for the hobby and for the family to enjoy. But now with the HV 30 and seeing what it is possible to do with it (and the reason why I bought it), I want to start getting into real productions.

I branched out from Pinnacle Studio into Sony Vegas. I know my way around the software ok, and I am working with Sony's seminar series videos to learn more. I am also working with Sony Acid Pro 6 witch is a digital audio work station for recording our own score music, and tagging them up with Sony's Cinescore software (scremusic generator).

Here is my goals/issues. I have seen a lot of videos online that were shot with the Canon HV 20/30 that were production quality videos. My partner and I looking to start going into that direction...

I know very little about post production effetcs, white balance settings, lighting a scene, different lenses and lens filters ect. I also get very confused with shutter speed talk, pixel counts, ect. I know what some of these things are, but not sure how to use them. I also get confused with topics like prgressice, interlacing, deinterlacing,ect. I want to start working my way into these things for 2 types of productions projects we are looking to do:

1) Indipendent type movies/films that are low budget, but done some what pro (Kind of like a Kevin Smith Clerks style flick. Not a lot of visual effects, just a basic plots and shooting methods).

2) Tv Hosting style productions... somewhat like a news reporting style in front of green screens or sit down interview segments for documentaries.

If anyone could pass along any info weather it would be how to books/DVDs, videos, websites ect that could explain the basics of videography and get us started, I would really appritiate it. I know this is a lot of ground to cover, but I am really not sure where to even start with this. I was looking at Video Maker magazines howto videos, but wasn't sure if the 30 min segments would teach a lot....

Thanks in advance.