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True, but it's repetitive. The confrontation he has with the woman earlier is almost a repeat of the one he has with the man later. While it accomplishes these goals, the extra scene comes at a price of wearing on the viewer.

I think the festival cut is a bit tighter, but the score in the director's cut is more chilling.
Thanks. I think it's too important. He needed more... I always felt that is was too jarring. Pissed at her for screwing up his schedule, then killing here.

It also establishes how he got the idea for the murder and introduces us to the character that he sets up.
Both are needed IMHO.

If a <8 minute film is wearing on the audience it's probably because they are used to the 6 minute cut and have seen it a few times. Kind of like remakes, the original is usually better in the eyes of those who have seen it. Not so in those who haven't.