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    Has the voting period ended yet?

    Also, I'm getting conflicting messages on the post requirements. I've seen 50 and 100. Which is it? I have over 50 but I don't see the voting option.

    Who is eligible to vote?

    All current members with 50 or more posts, plus all submitting filmmakers regardless of your post count. This applies only to the filmmaker that submitted the film, not the whole crew.

    If you have less than 50 posts, but submitted a film, please let me (Larry R) know so I can authorize you in the fest system.

    Congratulations to all the filmmakers that submitted entries and thanks to all the members participating.

    Pauly, just said this in your thread but in case you missed it. You had less than 100 posts when viewing began which would disqualify you from voting. Larry may lift that since you have now met the requirement, but I am not sure.
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    Forget all the other messages you receive .. whatever the official rules state is what is true. In this case, 50 posts make you eligible to vote.

    I sent you a PM with more info on your specific account.

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