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    Thanks to Everyone here!
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    a Big thanks to everyone here at dvxuser. I do love making these shorts, and seeing all the great films that others put out...then seeing my own just crystallized something in my head:

    I truly appreciate that someone with my level of experience (ie: none) can actually make something, and have it seen and critiqued by so many other, better filmmakers here. If this were any other place, I'd probably be laughed out the door. I know it's been said on here before, but this really is a unique place on the 'net and I'm glad I found it.

    I've learned a lot, and hope to continue the journey with all of you.


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    I am new here as well and found all of the people thus far very courteous and helpful. This is a great resource. If we can't help each other, who else can we help?

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    That is absolutely correct, I myself have little expertise outside of the writing portion of a film so when I jump into the whole process it is nice to know it will be recieved kindly by the generous people here.
    - Nick | My DVXuser Blog (This is a secret message).

    Quote Originally Posted by Raptor365 View Post
    I, like most dvxusers, enjoy Penguin's company in the threads, and his refreshing attitude and humour.
    Also, because behind all the fun, the guy means biz and actually has a bit of talent...

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