So, I am about to go out on a P2 job tomorrow. I just wanted some pro help to confirm my setup will work. The shoot will be done on an HVX200 with both 8GB and 16GB cards, and my setup has:

1. A MBP 15-inch.
2. 2 X Lacie 500GB quad-interface (FX 400 and 800, USB2 and E-Sata) External HDDs.
3. the AJ-PCD20 5-slot card reader.

Seems simple enough. I was planning on using the CMS software from Panasonic to manage my downloads. The editor has strictly requested that I DON'T TOUCH the files and log and transfer them. He wants them as they come from the camera.

What special drivers do I need?

What is the FASTEST way to transfer the cards to the TWO backup drives? I have an E-sata adapter for my expresscard slot in my MBP, so I was thinking of connecting one of the Lacie's to that, and the 5-slot P2 Card reader into the FW800. And the other lacie drive into either the USB2 or the FW400. Any suggestions on the fastest way to transfer to both HDDs? Approx. how long will it take me to transfer a 16GB card to the TWO HDDs?

Any potential pitfalls I should worry about?

Any help that is given today is much appreciated.