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    Lovefest Reviews
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    Hey guys,

    I decided to take a look at the films some more and just give you all some words of encouragement.

    I just gave a quick review of the film and told you my thoughts. I'm sorry if there not the best, but it's quite hard actually...

    If I misspelled anyone, or forgot anyones film, PLEASE notify me and I will do you up a quick review! I'm pretty sure I got everyone!

    The Reviews

    6 45 rpm EP- Matty G

    This film rocked, one of my favorites. although the story wasn't quite fully there for me, I really enjoyed the
    imagery these guys brought together. The shots, the sound, the acting and everything else was all done top notch.

    All Things- Rsquared

    Cute film, basic and easy story. There were some small jittery camera movements and zooms, but that all comes
    with practice. Interesting that you used no audio throughout and just had the wedding music going. Nice job over all.

    Amore- ZFarms

    I liked this film actually. The shots were very filmic, and the colors were cool. The audio was weak in the most part,
    and it was a fairly short film, but over all I enjoyed this piece.

    An Orange Rose-Hans Moleman

    Funny short man! I liked the "I'm from South Dakota". The audio was weak in some parts, but the shots used worked well.
    Acting was good, and story was good.

    Angel- Canvas

    Good short. I liked the CC you did, and the shots weren't bad either. The interlace and the audio were my only issue
    with this short. You had a good story, and the acting was fully there.

    Anniversary- Puckthemad

    Very dark short. I liked it, though. The score was cool, but at times I felt that it was to "scary" and "dark".
    The acting was well in the most part. This short had the nice film look to it as well, so I give you props to that!

    Aurora- Connor Hair

    Cool film here, it was really noisy. The cinematography was really brought to my attention with the great composition you had! I liked this.

    Basement Story- wcs

    Sweet short story and really touching. It was an interesting piece. The score was simple, and the acting was fabulous.

    Bedtime Story- DJ Lewis

    Wow man, very sweet film. The girl was beautiful also. The story was good, but some of t was a bit weak, as well as
    the dialog. I was wondering why the guy would stay in the room for that whole time. Cool that you had a baby in this,
    must have been a bit challenging on that part.

    Carry On- Luis Caffesse

    Awesome short! Camera work, audio, locations, acting, was all top notch. I enjoyed this, and it's worth watching more than
    once! Good work Luis, I loved this piece.

    Clara- Defcon

    Very different from what I have seen in the past. Great editing, and effects man, must have been hell of a time to render
    and export. I liked the story, and it was very believeable in my opinion. Acting was super also. Good job.

    Coming Out Is Hard To Do- Jaime V

    Funny film, and pretty unexpected. I didn't enjoy the story as it got closer to the end, but you did a fine job.

    Constance- Mark Harris

    To be honest, I couldn't make it through. After the first 2 minutes or so, I just skimmed through looking at the rest. The shots
    were awesome, as well as the CC. Acting was great as well, and locations? You nailed them here.

    Dead Beautiful- JDS

    Hmm...Pretty funny and random man. Cool edit. The intro was the best part though

    Eggagement- Andoguru

    Hahaha, I liked this. The two actors fit this role pretty well, and they did a good job to keep the story alive. I like the
    use of the camera element.

    Flashing Lights- Arrik

    To be honest, the story just didn't do anything for me. I was pretty bored, just because I felt it was moving really slow and
    nothing big was happening. Camera moves and acting were there though, so I give mad props to that.

    Hollow- Danielleus

    A nice artsy short! The majority of the shots were under exposed though... Nice music!

    For You- Janusz

    Very touching film. I loved the transition of the times the two had together. In all honesty, the music helped this film SO much.
    I enjoyed this man, keep up the good work.

    GeekED- MentatDUKE

    You really got the film look going on here. The framing says it all. I liked the CC to.

    Ghosts For Heroes- Geoff R

    Wow, really well done. Everything was very professional going from Filming, to editing, to acting. The story was great, and
    I loved the cutting from each part of the story going back and forth throughout. One of my favorites.

    Given- Dustin R Rogan.

    Sweet movie. The acting was good all around. I liked the shots you used in this film, as they worked great.

    goodSAM- Hunter Richards

    One of my favorites as well. The story hit me so hard when I watched it for the second time, that I re-watched it again with a friend.
    The little kid did a wonderful job for his role, and his personality, and appearance fit the role huge. Great job on this, and thanks
    for entering such a heartfelt story.

    Happy Ending- Crazyberns

    Sorry to say, but I couldn't make it through. Storywise, didn't interest me much, but technically, the film was good.

    I F*CKING HATE YOU- Zak Comophobe

    Hey Zak, I liked the shots you chose for this film. IT was really grainy and noisy, but I don't know if you were going for that? Or
    if it was just the compression? It seemed to suit the film actually in my opinion. The acting seemed pretty well, and you did a good
    job on this all together.

    Last Change- Pbody

    You had a nice look to this film. Really soft and freamy. Shots looked good to, in terms of framing.

    Love Exists- Aaron Marshall

    Very different film, and it was nice. I liked the silhouetted shots through out. This films shows that you don't have to have a
    6 minute love story to show love. You can show it by just a montage of shots put together. Good job.

    Love- Ted Arabian

    Hey Ted, awesome short film. I didn't enjoy the story as much as I enjoyed everything else (cinematography, sound, edit) but you did a good
    job all together. I look forward to seeing more from you, seriously.

    Maybe- Zim

    Again, another interesting unique short. I liked some of the shots you used here. I would say to fade the audio more smoothly
    when you cut it out.

    Minogue Space- Pmark23

    Beautifully shot, and the audio was superb. Nice opening shots!

    Moments- Jojopop

    Nice imagery man. I liked the shots, and the use of the voice over!

    Molly Mcghee- Alex Jeffery

    Shots were good, audio was off. Just sounded quiet, and to much on camera audio. Cool intro, I liked the use of the titles.

    My Gal Pal- Smashedburrito

    Awesome short. I liked the story, because it worked and it was really simple. The ending was awesome, good job man.

    No Peeking- Dvpixl

    Wow, this was a great little story. It had a feel to the same film for Drama fest you made. I really liked this story and acting
    was top notch once again.

    Remember When- Jason Ramsey

    Disgustingly wonderful. He got it a lot from me, but for one more time I enjoyed it. I thought it was shot on film at first.
    The mood set in this film was unreal, and the characters represented this fantastically. This film will do great in the fest Jason.

    Second Chance- Insomnia

    Absolutely hilarious when he takes a picture of him at the end. Oh man that did it for me. Story was good in this film.
    The shots were oh k, but I don't think I liked the Black and White look. Good job on it anyway man.

    Sweet Heart- Charlie Anderson

    Wow man, really well done. The audio was clean, as well as the imagery. You had some great composed shots, and they
    fit perfectly in this piece.

    Tailight- Bryce

    Yet again, another interesting piece. Although, it didn't seem to interest me. Good effort Bryce.

    Tetris For Two- Ryant

    Here's a nice story Ryan. The lead didn't do to great of a job acting, but the girl did her part well. Audio was clean. My only suggestion
    would to take out the part when he say, "Oh oh oh, I'll be over around 7." I don't think it was necessary to put that in. Your composition
    was fantastic and I give that an A++.

    The Arrangement- RobertE

    Hey man, kick ass job. I enjoyed this film, and I watched it a couple of times. The acting was cool, and the lead female was gorgeous.
    The story was so simple, yet sweet and it worked well. Good job!

    The Camera

    I'm sorry, but again I couldn't make it through this film. Skimming through it, it looked like the shots over all were well
    composited. Thanks for entering!

    The Common Man- Gohanto

    Another silent film, cool! I liked the cinematography!

    The Double Date- William Robinette

    Funny as hell. Everything worked for this film. The score has a nice napolean dynamite feel to it. The acting was superb, and the
    locations, and sound worked. Shots were awesome, and the whole feel to this film worked.

    The Melon Drama- HBlack

    Funny little flick. It was silly, but some parts were funny. The "friend" actor wasn't the best, but the lead did a lot better.
    Some shots didn't really work for me, but there were some that I liked. Pretty simple story, and it was a funny ending.

    The Music Box- Kyser

    Awesome short. I always enjoy your stuff man. The dark endings you bring always get me, and I have trouble deciding if I liked the
    ending to this one or not. Sick ass shot at the beginning, going from the little girl to the older girl. The acting was good, and I liked the
    choice of characters. Good film all together Mike!

    The Poet- Kurtmo

    Another sweet softy. Good ending, and I guess he found his true love

    The Simp Takes a Holiday- Bosindy

    Funny, but weird film here. The story didn't do much for me, as I didn't really get it...Haha. The sound and shots were very professional
    and I'll give you that!

    Troika- Champloo

    Good job on this short. The acting and shots were well done, and the video had a nice soft focus to it. Was this the adapter? Or in post?
    Either way, I think it was a bit TO soft, but it still worked out for me.

    Where The Hart Lies- Mark Johnson

    Awsome short! I loved your composition, I loved the audio, the acting, and locations. Everything about this film was so well done that
    I think you got a great chance in the fest! Keep it up Mark.

    Winter, A Fairy Tale- Wild Imagination Films

    Wow man, the design of this film was rad! Your set and props and characters all fit this awesome, and you really made it realistic!

    Winter Lilacs- Wartez

    Cool, touching film. The mood and the setting of this film rocked, and really brought attention to me. The acting was great, and both
    characters did a stellar job!

    Wish- Artofsuntzu

    Shots were killer man. You must have had a crane/jib. The score was beautifully composed correctly in there, and the little girl did a
    fantastic job. Good job on the fest man.
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    Hey, man, I think we got underrepresented on your list there. Tailight made it by Moments and Hollow were lacking. Can we get some love (or lack thereof if that's your taste).

    P.S. Cool idea.
    From the makers of Breathe, Don't Look, Moments, Tailight, Hollow, and North.

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    You may want to exclude the part about the end of "Carry On" as it could ruin it for somebody who hasn't seen it yet.
    "You'd better cure all those personal problems that might be holding back something you want to say." -John Cassavetes

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    um... you forgot mine. But I'll let it pass!

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    It's cause I didn't like it

    No, I won't let it pass. I think It didn't work when I downloaded it and then I forgot all about it. I'll review it now and give my thoughts. Thanks Ted.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Robbie Comeau View Post
    It's cause I didn't like it
    LOL! I knew I'd get that response!

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    I would have said, "It's cause I don't like YOU!" ... but then you'd know that was a lie

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    Quote Originally Posted by Larry R View Post
    I would have said, "It's cause I don't like YOU!"

    Now THIS is a LOVE FEST!

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    Where is your review for Blind Date, and don't be biased

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