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    I've been given permission by work to attend Though I have to cover the cost on my own.

    I'm intrigued by three of the conference options and was curious if anyone who attended last year might recommend one over the others? I realize a bit of it might depend on what you want to learn, so to briefly give my background - I've made one independent feature film & a few shorts and am finishing post production on the feature still.

    The three conferences I was considering were:
    1. Digital Cinema Summit
    2. Digital Tech Guru Workshop
    3. Director / Producer Workshop

    On the last one my main concern is if it'll be targeted towards existing directors / producers or is it more of a beginner course for folks just starting out?

    As for meeting up for dinner or a drink somewhere during the week, yeah I'm down with that.

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    apple has pulled out of NAB also.

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