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    Nicely done - I've tried making a silent film in the past, and failed miserably...
    It's not an easy task - but you kept this one energetic and dynamic while keeping that 'old time' feel.

    I would have liked to see it get to the pants a little quicker at the start - once they made their appearance you had me hooked. But up to that point I was kind of wavering and feeling like "okay, let's see where this goes."

    But from that point on I really enjoyed it.
    Nice camera work - nice transitions with the iris closing.

    I would have really liked to have seen a wide shot in the transition from him being poor to him being rich - the first shot you cut to (low angle on him getting out of the car) was a bit too obscured for me, and you held on it for a while. I think it would have had some great impace to cut to a really wide shot with the full car in frame...but that may just be me.

    Also, you did such a good job of communicating everything in this story with no music and/or titles that I have to say I was a little dissapointed to see the 'money isn't everything' sign. It seemed rather arbitrary and convenience, given the level that the rest of the film is at. I didn't mind teh 'short time later' title card - but the sign that he sees felt too forced for me. But again, it's only because the rest of the piece moved so smoothly.

    Nice work overall.
    I really enjoyed it.

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    Really good film. You did a great job of replicating that old timey film feel without it being too heavy handed or cheesy. You did a really good job telling the story and I actually felt for the main character.

    There were some interesting shots here and the majority of them worked very well. I missed one or two plot points until a second viewing but that might be me. Good job.

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    How very true that story is, i totally agree with the outcome!
    If you're not mature enough for criticism, you're too immature for praise.

    "Life will forever be a challenge, some things are meant that way. Learn to deal with each challenge, using time and thought, so in the end it will be a lesson well learned."

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