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    Ex1 and compositing?
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    My question is how well will the ex1 hold up with post digital compositing ...i.e using it with motion or after affects...has the hd-sdi been proven to be true 4:2:2? Does anyone here have any chroma-keying-based footage/comments regarding this topic? I know this is a loaded question, but If I were only concerned with digital composting and keying, would the hvx be a better solution? Regardless, I love both cams... even though I hardly know anything about the ex-1, I find it very capable just from its reviews; however, I need to know every little bit before i can justify a purchase of this magnitude. I'm not ready to buy this camera just yet...
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    The SDI is definitely real 4:2:2. I'm skeptical as to whether it's "real" 10bit but it's at least compression free output that can make for very good keying and compositing, provided you have a method of tethered recording that preserves the quality.

    Converting regular XDCAM HQ material to better intermediates (ProRes 10bit, CineForm 10bit,etc) would be the best way to go for better results from heavy duty post treatments.

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