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    EX1 vs PD170 Low Lighting Test
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    I recently had the opportunity to play with the new PMW-EX1 Sony, number 17 of the production line. As an event videographer one question I have been asking is if the new EX1 will deliver low lighting performance as the PD170 does.

    I did side by side comparisons of the EX1 and PD170 and what I found was that the EX1 delivers superior low lighting that is right next to the PD170 if not better!! The EX1 is rated at 0.14 lux in the manual and the PD170 at 1 lux.

    I only had 2 hours with the camera to run my tests, my conclusion though is that if you have been waiting for a camera that is a marriage between high definition and the low lighting capabilities of the PD170, your wait is over! The visually quality of the footage produced on the EX1 is simply beautiful.

    I'll be ordering two EX1's this coming year. I'll post pic’s of the comparison as soon as I find codecs that will allow me to export the footage I captured on the EX1.

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    I agree, the low light capability is extraordinary!

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