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    I don't know if I've posted this one. If so, whatever.

    Tarkus. Heard this one the radio today riding into town with my brother (He's good. -Cheers Ian) to 'take care of more business'.
    Probably reposting. Non the less.

    Running out of material lol. Here's a good one, I think, right now lol.

    Orianthi w/Alice cooper.
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    When I wuz a kid and living "over there", ELP was a rare band that was played on a Soviet music programs dedicated to the foreign acts. That's because they played Tchaikovsky and Mussorgsky.

    Naturally, it wasn't billed as a "Nutrocker", since certain puns weren't easy to translate and this one was too jejune to approve beside that.

    And some non-Russian

    And this isn't a popular tune anywhere outside of the ex-Soviet lands. For those who lived in the USSR, however, this was coming out of the ears. It was made into an intro theme for the sole Soviet evening news program "Vremya" (Time)

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