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    cheap pc laptop- P2 re capture to mac workflow
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    is this do able ?- i would love to get a macpro lappy but funds will have run out after the HVX 202, P2 cards and tripod purchase

    i only need to do basic capture, selects and cuts in" the field"

    Is there an easy way that way can i capture my P2 cards to a cheap windows based laptop and then spit out QT.movs into my Mac pro at home?

    Or should i try and grab a cheap used basic mac book model ? (and keep my work flow on the same level)

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    You can easily use a Windows laptop to copy the cards, and then edit them on your Mac at home, no problem.

    You don't even have to convert them into QT movies if you don't want to spend that extra time; just get Raylight and it'll allow FCP to directly import the MXF files from your hard disk.

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