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    PMW- EX1 with tape = HVR-Z7E ( sony new camera)
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    Seen this yet, It looks like the answer to the guys that still love to have tape and want to have the PMW-EX1 with changeble lens .

    It is in german but I did a web translation below:

    Web page translation here:

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    The HVR-Z7E has 1/3 inch chips compared to the 1/2 chips of the EX1.

    Looks more like a new version of the Z1 than nearer the EX1. But the changable lenses look brilliant.
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    It also uses HDV codec which is only 25MB/s. The EX uses a form of the XDCAM codec that records long-GOP at 35MB/s.

    To me, it looks like Sony is after the Canon XH-H1 and the JVC HD-200 with this offering.
    Richard Valar Clark

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    XL-H1 is what he meant.

    I agree with his assertion though. That does seem who they are directly going after. They're upping Canon and JVC in features, and undercutting them in price.

    With the EX-1 they're trumping the HVX200, while just about matching it's price.

    Let's see how the others respond...

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    As the new Z7 on the market, who knows the price on a Cinema lens that would be used on this new Z7.
    The X1 has the HQ 1920x1080 format, is this a plus?

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