I'm sure Mark, Tim, Steven, Scott, Vienna & Team are all out on the beach right now freezing, as I'm preparing things here for our own Super Bowl party. Originally I was going to shoot today with them, and when I realized what day it was, they were gracious enough to change he schedule around & let me travel up to shoot yesterday instead.

I have to say, this video is turning out more impressive than I ever could have imagined. Mark & Tim make a great team, and Steven is AMAZING at capturing the images he does. All great people to work with, and I will miss hanging out with them. I'd look forward to another opportunity to work with them all again soon.

Oh, and Scott, it was great being able to meet you too! This guy is an AMAZING cook, and kept everyone very happy! Helluva hard worker too!

Vienna is flat out possibly one of the coolest women I've ever had the pleasure to meet & get to know a little. Beautiful, talented enough to go VERY far in the music industry, and yet so down to earth that she'll do whatever it takes to get the job done & is an incredible team player (freezing beyond what the others thought she may be able to handle in that dress, etc.). Great sense of humor as well!

This music video is flat out going to rock, there's just no other way to state it. I'm so thankful to have been a part of it.

My ONLY disappointing experience with the whole trip up there, was that the download of the HD version of BERLIN didn't successfully pull all the way down, so the group only got to see the first 4 1/2 minutes of it. Oh well, soon ... very soon....