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    Hey mrcheapyasui,

    I thought the story was good, but it was hard for me to follow at times. I don't think you really needed any music because the one's you choose to use were too dramatic.

    The actors didn't fit the roles for me. The woman was too young and the janitor(or crazy guy sweeping the sidewalk out side at night) was also too young for the role. Maybe dressing up the woman in 'older' person clothing would help a little.

    The locations you choose to shoot in were very good and your shot it well. The story is pretty interesting though and I think you could develop it further.

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    Thanks for the comments everyone! Cinealma: I definitely noticed the paper she was reading from while editing,, it was just PAINFUL to watch over and over. Andoguru: Yea all of the actors/actresses are about 20. But you never know, Stanford might have some child prodigy professors... and janitors.

    Thanks again for all the feedback!
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