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    Quote Originally Posted by mcvideo View Post
    Late response bit hey I'll take it.. Thanks Noah. So any chance in a quick 123 on how to use the plugin? The project I had at the time.. I ended up down converting the 720 footage to SD. I then brought everything in a new TL set at SD 4x3. I was not to happy with the results. Client did not notice anything but I did. I would appreciate a quick walk through if you have time since I do another another project next month and I will be using the same cameras. I'm thinking of shooting all SD though until I can get a better image.. Thanks again Noah.
    Ha- yeah I gotta pay more attention. That plugin is great- comes with a very clear/simple set of instructions. Worth every penny. I'd always shoot HD- even if you know you're delivering in SD. Much better quality because you have a nice downsampled image- looks sharper than an SD native image.

    I'd use an HD timeline and just mark the spots where you go SD and fold those in when you go for the final output. With FCP 6 and up it does all the up and down conversion for you for the basic edit. It's more work but whatever. I suggest whenever possible making everything a single acquisition format.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NoahK View Post
    I'd use an HD timeline and just mark the spots where you go SD and fold those in when you go for the final output.
    What do you mean by "mark the spots where you go SD" and "fold those in" when you go for the final output.

    My last video i had vx2100 sony cam footage (SD) and HXV200 720 24pn HD footage. I ended up dropping my HXV footage on a sequence that matched my footage (un-edited) and exported as a ref file, then used compressor to down convert to SD. (keep in mind my HD footy was 23fps. I needed to convert that to SD at 29fps) I then opened up a new SD project and mixed my vx2100 SD footage with the converted HXV to SD footage. End result was "ok", but i did not like it at all. It almost seemed the ratio did not match the vx2100 SD footage. It was slightly off. It just had a pinch of ?????? all over it.

    Am i missing a step in the process, or is this what you end up with when mixing vx2100 (SD) and HVX (HD) footage converted to SD footage and mixed together?

    I appreciate the feedback Noah!

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