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    Horizontal glitches with HVX 200 fotage? A setting problem I'm guessing?

    I've got an issue I'm trying to sort out.

    I shot a music video on an HVX at 720 24PN

    Wen I playback the footage I get intermittant horizontal lines....glitches.

    They never happen at the same time so I'm guessing it's settings problem

    Here's my sequence setings

    960x720 (HD960x720) (16x9)
    Pixel HD (960x720)
    Timeline 23.98
    Quicktime Video Settings - DVCPRO HD 720p60

    Am I missong something?

    Do I have something set wrong?

    Thanks in advance

    Kip Kubin

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    Where are you seeing this- in your canvas? During playback or on a frame? Can you provide a screenshot?

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    I see it in the canvas and the viewer.

    I can't get a screen shot because it dosen't happen thwice in the same spot. that's what makes me think its a settings issue and not a fotage/camera problem.

    Also when I export a quicktime there is no problem.

    I'm ising a new MacBook Pro w/2gigs Ram and all the latest software updates.

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    you find the answer here --->

    and here --->

    I am going to wait until the problem is solved. I returned mine and got a refund...

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