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    Day 1 (Friday) photos + comments.
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    Ok, here's my photo gallery from Day 1 of IBC 2007:

    The most notable thing here is the 2 "future" cameras from Sony.
    All I know about them is what's in the pictures: Basically, they are a handheld and a shoulder-sized HDV camcorder with interchangeable lenses.
    It looks like Sony is really pushing hard for HDV .. and it does bring to question why these cameras arn't XDCAM-EX cameras? Hmm.. we shall see...

    Also some shots of the Sony EX1, including the one that we really didn't want to see:

    Notice the generic memory memory card in the ExpressCard slot at the lower right, and the warning message on the LCD.
    Some of t XE1 shots are of the monitor on the display that was beeing fed by HD-SDI from the camera. With auto gain turned on, the image looked like crap and was full of noise (of course!), but once you got the camera into full manual, the picture looked MUCH better.
    A small note, that these are pre-production cameras.
    Also, check out THIS shot, you can clearly see that the camera body is actually almost 2-completly seperate peices! (That's a maglite a friend of mine is shining through the camera!) Maybe a future of mudulatiry?

    Adobe I've allready posted the headlines on in my IBC newsfeed, I'll have a more in-depth report from them today.

    Just a couple of shots of RED, beacuse I walked past on the way from Adobe.

    Quite a few photo of Manfrotto's "ModoSteady", which I have to say, is practically useless as a stabilizer, but works well as a handly little table tripod. Instead of a frictionless gimbal, the whole unit is centered around a ball-head. I was instructed to control the rig just from holding the handle, and there's definalty enough friction in there to do that! It will sell for around $120 when it ships in a few monthes, which in my opopinon is a little pricy for a wobbly peice of plastic that can be used as a table tripod.

    Manfrotto's Focus & Iris controller for the DVX-100B & HVX-200 on the other hand seems prety nice. They have taken an interesting approach to Iris control with a "jog" like wheel that you contol with your thum. Took me a few moments to get used to it, but it seems to perform ok. Both control wheels have very little firction, which can be a good or a bad thing.

    Also a couple of snaps I took of Canon's stand at the end of the day.

    Check out my Media Gallery at for all the latest photos & video clips posted right from the show floor in real-time.

    - Mikko
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