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    Here we go!
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    OK, I'm off to Amsterdam!
    My next posts on here will be late late tonight, so untill then, all the news will be on my feed:

    - Mikko ... grabs his bags and runs to the airport.
    Mikko Wilson
    Steadicam Owner / Operator - Juneau, Alaska, USA
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    Transcribing from Mikko's posts:

    Ooh, excellent news feed, Mikko. Folks, check back here frequently if you want to learn IBC news as quickly as Mikko does -- he's on the show floor, feeding live reports via texting from his cell phone and uploading pictures right from the show floor.

    Click on his feed for tidbits like this:

    The P2 support in Premiere and AE will be free updates, released simultaneously for Windows & Mac.

    The Sony EX1 will not record to cheap/generic cards, it records only to SxS.

    The Sony EX1 also has some "wobble".

    More to come as he discovers more booths and finds things worth reporting!

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