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    band performance for music video
    Hey everyone, I should be directing a music video for the band there for tomorrow (opens for the red jumpsuit apparatus) hopefully next weekend. (the song is called "pages")

    The idea i had for the performance shots, was the band playing in a room in which the walls are completely covered with scattered pages of journal entries/doodles/old calender pages... As the video goes on and cuts from the story to the band performance, The pages all over the walls begin to rip off and blow around the room gradually. By the end of the video all of the pages will have blown off the walls and blow around on the ground.. It isn't a big budget, but I'm wondering how to pull it off. Should i use a few high powered fans or something? I could have a couple people with leaf blowers out of the shot, but that might not work out well. If i could somehow have the walls to have holes in them and maybe some fans on the other side that would be good.. But we don't really have a budget like that.. The location will most likely just be a warehouse or something

    I wish there was a way to have the walls be a crate-like material, what do you guys have in mind? I'd love to hear some input.

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    That sounds like a cool visual -- you can knock stuff off the walls with blasts of air (test test test, man... leaf blowers, you may get more control with an air compressor/hose/tubing setup). Keep in mind that any dust/crap on that set will be getting in everyone's eyes, too.

    Your biggest problem will be keeping everything swirling around; I'd test shooting a lot of blowing individual sheets and compositing, maybe see if you can find someone doing 3d compositing that's looking for something for their reel.

    You want crate-like walls, call a company that does privacy fences (y'know, tall ceadr fences) and ask if they're tearing any down soon. Go get a truckload of used, aged cedar strips; 1/2" thin & very light. Stick 'em up with hot glue -- tons & tons of hot glue, or use a brad nailer.

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    Oh yeah-- if there's a pro photo rental nearby, you can rent various fans with speed controls; use 'em a lot for model shoots. You don't want to stick leaf blowers in your talent's faces.

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    hi chris, I do a bit of 3D (as a motion graphics designer, though I'm already branching out to full time directing), I can help out with the shot (thats if its not too late by now). However, I stay in Nigeria and internet connection isnt too fast, so if it will work out then I probably will only be able to download and work with low-rez proxy of your video then mail back the final output to you along with the project file (use AE and Fusion), you can then replace the proxy and do your final rendering.

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