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    Removing Wind Noise?
    Which Audio Filter in the effects tab is best to use to help reduce wind noise? I have quick snippet of some sound (interview) in my project and even though I was using a Shotgun microphone with a wind screen on it you can still hear the wind noise. Is there anything that I can do to reduce it without lowering the voice of the person? I notice they have the Apple filters and the FCP filters and I have no clue what any of them do! ???

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    Re: Removing Wind Noise?
    Try cutting the bass frequencies, by using a high-pass or equalizer filter. Lots of times the wind noise is a low rumble that can be minimized or eliminated from dialogue by completely silencing the lowest bass frequencies.

    Sometimes you have to go up higher in the spectrum, which may leave you with "thin"-sounding dialogue, but you have to determine if thin-but-clean beats full-but-windy.

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    Re: Removing Wind Noise?
    Okay I have played around with a variety of filters but I have noticed that it makes my audio clip sound muffled and sometimes a mono tone sound unlike a stereo sound. I just want to remove the low frequencies of the clip to get rid of the wind noise.

    Another similiar question is that I was shooting something and there were some people standing close to the camera talking...Would the same sort of filter work to try to cut down or eliminate those people chatting near my camera without hurting the audio too much?

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    I know this is a historic thread, but this just saved my sound, I had a low rumbling wind noise that was almost eliminated with the bass filter in Premier, the vocals don't have much deepness to them but I would choose that over wind noise any day, thanks Barry.

    Believe it or not search on forums definitely works =)

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