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    Lines during Night Filming

    Any suggestions on how to get rid of these black lines that are over the actor's during this clip? I know during filming it should've been dealt with but I have to try my best to get rid of it in...
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    Hanging from Tree Effect

    For a scene where someone is hanging from a tall tree, what is the best and SAFEST way to do this?
  3. I definitely would never put an actor's life in...

    I definitely would never put an actor's life in jeopardy which is why I'm doing extensive research. I think I'll just go with a Berreta 92-FS replica and just rely on angles and cuts. I may still...
  4. yeah I thought about doing it like that, but I...

    yeah I thought about doing it like that, but I really want to go with the one-take thing and then quickly pan off screen, but just get enough in there. It's supposed to be a shocking site to the...
  5. Self inflicting gunshot to the head - best way to do it before post production

    I'm directing a short soon that I wrote, and there's a scene where I have a character shooting himself in the head with a Berreta 92-FS (9mm bullet), and right after the gunshot occurs, we quickly...
  6. SHORT: Like Emmy - Please help us make this film the best it can be!

    Hi everyone, please check out my Indiegogo page for my new short film "Like Emmy." We're really trying to make this our best film, and if we can at least reach half our goal we'll be in great shape...
  7. SHORT: Like Emmy - A short film about a desire and a guy's strange quest to fulfill it.

    Hi everyone, if you have a moment, please check out my Crowdfunding page for my new short film, "Like Emmy." We're trying to raise money to make sure this is the best film we've done. We're...
  8. SHORT: Trailer for new short film - LIQUID LUNGS

    From Director Ken Cohen comes a new psychological drama about life, death and obsession.
  9. That worked actually, thanks Craig!

    That worked actually, thanks Craig!
  10. Hi, I actually took the entire folder from the...


    I actually took the entire folder from the drive (which contained the project files, preview files, raw files, colored, files, etc,) and opened the project file from that folder, all whilst...
  11. Can't open project file after it's been edited on an external drive


    I'm using Premiere Pro CS 5.5 and I had a colorist take my raw files and project file and create color rendered files and give me all the files back...all of this was done through an external...
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    SHORT: Dolls for Strange and My Face

    Hi two links to two short films here.

    First up is Dolls for Strangers, which centers on a sort of voodoo hitman:

    Second is one...
  13. Adding flashing lights over footage in Post Production

    Hi everyone,

    I wonder if this is possible to pull off where it looks believable and not phony, especially given a small budget that doesn't include hiring ILM.

    I have a daylight scene...
  14. SHORT: My new short film Liquid Lungs is seeking donations

    Hello everyone,

    I have a new short film that I'm making in May that needs some help with its finances. Please take a moment to read about the film and my goal and other works, and please donate if...
  15. basic stuff like that I know to try. Turned out...

    basic stuff like that I know to try. Turned out was the profile level. Had to turn it to 5.1
  16. Thanks for the help, and sorry for the delay. So...

    Thanks for the help, and sorry for the delay. So after trying the suggestions, I found the best route was to make a 1920x816 sequence, and then drop my original timeline into it. It cropped...
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    SHORT: My Face

    "My Face" has launched its official facebook page, full of behind the scenes photos and plenty of updates to come as the short film begins post-production. Please check it out and become a fan!...
  18. Need to export movie without black bars


    I use Adobe Premiere Pro CS 4.2.1, and I have an issue I am not sure how to handle. My short film was shot in 1920x1280 at 23.976fps. It was shot with a 2:35 aspect ratio in mind, so I...
  19. SHORT: 18 Hours Left to Donate to "My Face"

    Hi everyone, please check out the fundraising site for my upcoming short film "My Face." There's only 18 hours left to donate, and anything you could give us would be appreciated SO MUCH! Thank...
  20. Thanks for all the advice, really helpful, thank...

    Thanks for all the advice, really helpful, thank you. That interview was great too. I love Turturo.

    Check out the indiegogo page for my film, and please donate if you have the ability to. Thank...
  21. Sex scenes without nudity-question about actors

    Hi, my new film is going to contain several sex scenes between a man and a woman. The scenes will be blocked and shot in a way that nudity will not be seen. Just like we've all seen on shows like The...
  22. SHORT: Raising money for my new short film "My Face"

    Hi everyone, I am currently raising money for my new short film, "My Face." Please take a moment to look at the page, read about the film, why I need the money I do, and anything you could donate...
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    SHORT: Dolls for Strangers

    The entire short film(14 minutes), "Dolls for Strangers." Official Selection of the Fort Myers Film Festival and best regional short winner of the "Charleston Film Festival."

    After his...
  24. Best way to get film professional "packaged

    Hi everyone,

    What's the best place/site to go through to get professional DVDs of a movie made? To run it down...I could purchase the DVD cases and have the design to the DVD case front/back and...
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    SHORT: Dolls for Strangers

    Short movie nearing the end of post-production, please become a fan to keep updated on trailer, screenings, etc.
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