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  1. I solved the problem! nvm

    I solved the problem! nvm
  2. Error message from P2 driver installer for HPX170 (before installation of P2 Viewer)

    I am trying to get P2 files from my HPX170 to my windows laptop for the first time.

    I understand that P2CMS (which I was using on my Mac) doesn't work on Windows 7 so I am trying P2 Viewer.
  3. Found the USB port

    Thanks guys, I found the USB port above the power button!
  4. Barry, thanks for your quick and helpful...

    Barry, thanks for your quick and helpful response.
    I was able to set the camera to USB DEVICE.

    As for the port, my HPX170 doesn't appear to have a USB port, it has three outputs: SDI Out, 1394,...
  5. How to transfer P2 Files from HPX 170 to Laptop via USB port? Converter needed?

    I have been transferring P2 files onto a Mac since I bought my HPX 170 a few years ago through the Mac's firewire port.

    The hard drive on the Mac crashed so I replaced it with a cheap Toshiba...
  6. Why does my HPX Shoot 720P/60P and 720P/30P as 720P/24P?

    I have been using my HPX 170 occasionally for the last year, but always shooting in 720P/24PN. I never tried any of the other 12 modes until last week.

    Finally, hoping to get slow motion video, I...
  7. New HPX 170 Owner: Can Copy P2 Cards to Macbook Pro without FCP?

    This is my first post guys and I know very little about Panasonic cameras, but here goes. I just bought a HPX 170 from B&H and I would like to use it this entire weekend to cover a motorcycle rally....
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