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  1. GH5 Re: My FIRST GH5 Wedding Video // IBIS Handheld

    I would like to share with you my completed first wedding video using the GH5. Note that there is some A7Sii and 1DC footage mixed in because this project started before I could get the GH5, but...
  2. [SOLD] Why have you decided to sell the demo? I'm...

    Why have you decided to sell the demo?

    I'm curious because other stores have their demos for sale as well.
  3. [FS: General] Re: SmallHD UltraBright 703 // Used Like New!!!

    I've relisted the SmallHD UltraBright 703 on ebay.

    I took it down briefly because I was having a hard time letting this one go. It is too good of a monitor but my priorities have changed and I...
  4. [FS: General] Re: Dell 27" 5K Ultrasharp UP2715K - IPS PANEL // Used, Like New!!!

    I have TWO Dell 27" 5K Ultrasharp UP2715K monitors for sale on ebay. FREE SHIPPING to USA and Canada!

    Both screens are 100% flawless, no cracks, no scratches, no dead pixels.

    This is the only...
  5. [FS: Support] Re: Letus Jr Helix 1-Axis with 3 Batteries + 3 Chargers // USED, LIKE NEW!!!

    I have a Letus Jr Helix 1-Axis with 3 Batteries + 3 Chargers. Used, Like New!!!

    Compatible with iOS, Android and Windows. You can use Wifi, Bluetooth or wired USB to connect via the app...
  6. [FS: Support] Re: Glidecam Devin Graham Signature Series // USED, LIKE NEW!!!

    I have a Devin Graham Signature Series for sale on Ebay. It is Used, Like New! Comes with the Carrying Case.
  7. [FS: General] Re: Intel 750 1.2TB NVME U.2 SSD: Read: 2.5 GBps, Write: 1.2 GBps / FACTORY SEALED!!!

    For anyone working with demanding RAW files or Prores 444 HQ, this drive is for you!

    The immense Read and Write speed makes playback and rendering much faster than conventional SSDs.
  8. [FS: General] Re: SMALLHD 703 UltraBright // USED, LIKE NEW!!!

    I forgot to add pics of my 703 the last time I posted. Therefore here you go. This listing is posted on ebay at...
  9. [FS: General] Re: SmallHD 703 Ultra Bright // Used, Like New - FLAWLESS

    I have a FLAWLESS, Used Like New SmallHD 703 Ultra Bright on ebay. FREE SHIPPING!

    Original receipt included, purchased in August 2017.
  10. Re: SmallHD UltraBright 703 // A DREAM MONITOR!!!

    I would like to say that the SmallHD UltraBright series is the real deal (I own the 703).

    They are extremely bright, color/exposure accurate and low power draw (fanless).

    I've never been able...
  11. Here's what a SmallHD Customer Service Rep said...

    Here's what a SmallHD Customer Service Rep said in a reply to my question regarding the stated "2000 NITS" on the box:

    "the 503 UB is: 2000 nits once calibrated, uncalibrated it is 2200 nits, but...
  12. FYI: I just exchanged my 503 for the 703 (in...

    FYI: I just exchanged my 503 for the 703 (in person the screen appears way brighter) and the box on that one still also says "2000 NITS".
  13. Re: SmallHD 503 // "2000 NITS" advertised on box?

    I just bought a SmallHD 503 monitor and the box says it has "2000 NITS" of brightness.

    I thought this was rated at 2200 NITS.

    Therefore does anyone else out there have this as well?

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    [FS: Optics] Re: Zeiss Batis 25 F2

    Used, Like New!!!

    In pristine condition. Comes with original box!

  15. [FS: Optics] Re: Sony Distagon FE T* FE 35 F1.4 ZA // USED, LIKE NEW!!!!

    Used, Like New!!!

    This lens is in pristine condition and it comes with a B+W XS Pro Digital Clear Filter and a 72-77 Step-up ring for added protection.

    For the Sony E-Mount camera.

  16. [FS: General] Re: Sony A9 (Body) // USED, LIKE NEW!!!

    I have a pristine condition Sony A9 body for sale.

    All original accessories and box included.

    It also comes with two bonus Hoodman Eyecups (one for people who wear glasses and the regular one)....
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    UPDATE: I should clarify that the image on the...

    UPDATE: I should clarify that the image on the LCD screen blanks. However all overlays such as exposure readings remain on the screen. So in this case, this is no big deal. It probably helps to...
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    That's weird. I used to own an A7RII and I think...

    That's weird. I used to own an A7RII and I think while recording 4K internally the LCD and external monitors stay on.

    Anyways, I now have an A9 and I'll test this out for you. I'm just waiting...
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    Sony A9 // "Movie w/ Shutter"

    I just received my A9 today and I was pleasantly shocked to see that we can now MAP THE MOVIE RECORD FUNCTION TO THE SHUTTER BUTTON!!!!

    I made a video showing this!...
  20. I briefly tried the A9 in the store today with...

    I briefly tried the A9 in the store today with the FE 16-35 F4 OSS lens and the AF shows lots of promise!!!

    It was very responsive and snappy!!!! The only concerning thing is that I could not...
  21. THX!

  22. Re: Sony A9 // Object Tracking on Gimbal?

    Anyone know how the Sony A9 performs (or will perform) using Object Tracking when on a Gimbal?

    I know it doesn't have LOG or Picture Profiles, but I'm curious how well it will do since it is...
  23. Yes I've shot with the 1DC alongside an A7S and...

    Yes I've shot with the 1DC alongside an A7S and A7SII. The 1080p on all of them are on par with each other.

    The difference is that the Canon colors are more "natural" to my eye and the iso...
  24. Re: Best Dual Pixel AF + 1080@60p + ISO Performance // 1DXii, 5Div, 80D, 77D???

    Which of the these (1DXii, 5Div, 80D, 77D) gives the best performance in these three areas:

    - Dual Pixel AF
    - 1080@60p (I don't need the 4K @ 60p of the 1DXii due to the file immense size as I do...
  25. [FS: General] Re: Olympus OM-D EM1 Mark II // NEW LOW PRICE!

    I've reconfigured my offering so that the price is lower.

    Now included are 2 x batteries + 1 charger.

    Here is the new listing:

    SHUTTER COUNT = 2,435...
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