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  1. GH4 Workflow advice: 4K Premiere sequence settings w GH4 footage if outputting to 1080p?

    The 1080p image quality gains from a 4K GH4 file are well documented, but I've got a basic workflow question to extract the maximum IQ from my 4K files destined for FullHD output:

    I've got a...
  2. It seems to me like LA itself is a big character...

    It seems to me like LA itself is a big character in Heat, and this emphasizes the physical quality of it, the horizontal nature of the city, as opposed to the verticality of NYC, for example.
  3. Lens collection flexibility/future-proof/price sweet spot

    Hi all, I've been hesitating forever of even thinking about starting the long process of collecting lenses, due to the inertia that the neverending onslaught of new technology brings. There are so...
  4. Adorama Rental Co: 12 video interviews.. including Canon, RED, Sony, Blackmagic...

    As well as the new Zeiss, Mole-Richardson Phantom Miro, Angenieaux & more.. check it:
  5. Replies

    FS100 vs. AF100

    I thought this was an interesting post about the tradeoffs between the two.

    Full disclosure: I write for this blog, but...
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