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  1. Finding out lens information from a Canon 5D Mark 3 movie file?

    Is there a way of finding out what lens was used on the 5D3 camera from a movie clip, much like in a photo?

    Thank you.
  2. Premiere Pro - feathered edges in directional motion blur (smearing effect)?

    Does anyone know how to make a feathered directional motion blur where it is feathered on the edges than a cropped boundary box of the image?

    You have a rectangular 1920X1080 image that you...
  3. GH5 If you only had 1 ND filter to choose? - ND4, ND8, ND16...

    What would be the most useful ND filter to own, if you can only afford one for your GH5 camera (or similar) and want to use it for general purpose?

    I have a Tiffen variable, but with the Mattebox...
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    Teleprompter glass - 60/40 vs 70/30?

    Anyone have any input on which is the best for general purpose for both indoor and outdoor use?

    Is one more inferior than the other or generally produces a color cast?

    Thank you.
  5. GH5 Hi BobKo, Thanks for the quick reply. How...

    Hi BobKo,

    Thanks for the quick reply. How would you describe the difference in sound quality of the GH5 built in preamps against the Comica? Are you using -12 settings on the camera and using the...
  6. GH5 Describe quality difference between Panasonic XLR1 vs -12 setting & external preamp?

    Does anyone have the Panasonic XLR1 and have compared the difference between audio quality using -12 setting and using an external preamp for audio.

    Sennheiser G3 > XLR1 > GH5
    Sennheiser G3...
  7. GH5 Hi Bassman, I am talking about my eyes :) ...

    Hi Bassman,

    I am talking about my eyes :)

    When I look at the 5 inch screen from 25 cms away on my shoulder rig, I struggle to focus on it, but when I place my hand where the screen is, my eyes...
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    Best Teleprompter App and Remote?

    Anyone have any recommendations for Teleprompter apps that can be used on tablets?

    Preferably Free and has the voice recognition so that it moves the text?

    Also the remote, can you use any...
  9. GH5 Any reason why screens look blurry compared to my hand at the same close distance?

    I was doing a test about the best distance for my 5 inch lcd screen on a shoulder rig and noticed that I struggle to focus on the screen if it is about 25 cms or less. I then placed my hand on the...
  10. Hi Liam, Are you talking about the Vanguard...

    Hi Liam,

    Are you talking about the Vanguard Divider Bag 53 - 56 x 42 x 20cms

    It seems a little bit larger to the 1620 - 54.6 x 41.7 x 31.9 cms and it is about 11 cms not deep enough?

  11. Do you think that depends per manufacturer about...

    Do you think that depends per manufacturer about how the springs are implemented or is that the general application?

    Do you think Benro, would use the same approach on how the counter springs are...
  12. Cheaper alternative dividers for hardcase - pelican 1620?

    I didn't realise how expensive the dividers are!

    Are there any alternatives cheaper dividers out there for the Pelican 1620 case that anyone knows of?

    Possibly another brand of dividers that...
  13. Would you apply lock off in general for other...

    Would you apply lock off in general for other heads for example, ball heads with the ball and pan features?
  14. Best way to store your fluid head - tension loose, counter balance max, locked?

    What is the best way to store your fluid head tripod for mid to long term storage or even storage in general?

    Do you lock all movements and put the tension to loose or hard, counterbalance max or...
  15. GH5 DMW-BLF19 Dummy Battery Coupler that works on the GH5 from 7.2V power source?

    I keep getting an issue that the "Battery cannot be used" on the GH5 when using the Dummy Battery connected to a V-mount plate that outputs 7.2 Volts (7.8 volts measured).

    The dummy battery works...
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    Your thoughts on camera cage handles?

    What are your thoughts and experiences on the various cage handles available?

    I am considering the metal ones, like the following;

    Is it better to have fingers...
  17. Hi Grug, I have those bulky C cages as shown...

    Hi Grug,

    I have those bulky C cages as shown below, that when full loaded with accessories and I grab the top handle and or swing it from the top handle when moving, I can feel the flex, bounce or...
  18. GH5 What adaptor are you all using by the way?...

    What adaptor are you all using by the way? Metabones, Viltrox...

    Is it a smart adaptor or focal reducer?

  19. How safe are universal C cage that attach to the hotshoe mount on cameras?

    I am considering using a universal cage for my GH5 as I want to use an arca swiss system in it and I need the innner height. The cages I have seen attach to the bottom of the camera and also at the...
  20. GH5 Thanks for the reply everyone. So, a 200mm...

    Thanks for the reply everyone.

    So, a 200mm lens with a dumb adaptor would make it 400mm, so with ECT, that would make it 560mm(1.4 ext) but in HD would make it 1080mm?
    If I was to use a 0.71...
  21. GH5 What exactly does the Extra Tele Conversion do when used on a GH5?

    Does anyone know exactly how it adds more reach to your lenses?

    Is there a quality difference?

    How much extension does it add? eg. 1.4 X 400mm when a 70-200mm is used set at 200mm end on a GH5?...
  22. Anyone have feedback on the Farseeing Fention V-Mount Batteries?

    They seem to be from this company,

    I am considering using these for COB lights.

    Any feedback on these cells, as these seems to be...
  23. Teleprompter Beam Splitter Glass specs - wavelengths?

    Does anyone know the specs for the industry standard beam splitter glass for teleprompters?

    - Transmission = 70%
    - Reflective = 30%
    - Wavelength = ??

    The company I am trying to get it from...
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    Thank you all for your reply. Are you using...

    Thank you all for your reply.

    Are you using any filters on your lenses?

    Are CPL the best option especially for budget or solo film-makers to try and get the best transparent look from outside...
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    Tips for shooting inside car?

    Hi All,

    Are there any tips anyone would like to share about shooting the following for day or night;
    - interior cars from the outside,
    - interior cars from the inside.

    I have experimented...
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