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    GH4 Turning on Silent Mode as shown in this tutorial...

    Turning on Silent Mode as shown in this tutorial enables the camera tab that provides access to several on-screen adjustment sliders.
  2. Is it possible to determine what Scene File was to make a movie?

    When playing back "movies" on the GH4 it is possible to see the Picture Profile (equivalent to the DVX200 Scene File) and other parameters in effect for that recording. A subset is displayed during...
  3. Because the 18% gray chip is labelled 40 IRE I...

    Because the 18% gray chip is labelled 40 IRE I assume there's an equivalent IRE level that the N9.5 chip should reach. Am I wrong?
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    My understanding is that Panasonic's "Still...

    My understanding is that Panasonic's "Still Camera" SCN4 on the DVX200 is supposed to match the GH4 when it is set to the Natural Picture Profile. That's not been my actual experience, though; I'm...
  5. Where should "white N9.5" chip appear on the WFM (what IRE value)?

    Attached is a spreadsheet that X-Rite sent me in response to my request for specs on their ColorChecker Passport Video. The spec of the brightest white chip is N9.5. Properly exposed (or adjusted in...
  6. How to use the Asus USB-N53 with the iPad AG ROP app (Nov 2016)

    The (much appreciated) YouTube video is largely correct but many of the steps shown are unnecessary. The instructions in Panasonic's 73-page PDF handbook entitled "The AG-DVX200 Book" (v3.01E) is...
  7. is the white strip on a xrite Color Match Passport Video 90 IRE?

    When zoomed into the Color Match Passport Video panel with the 3 strips: white, gray and black, should the white strip be at 90 IRE on the DVXX200 internal WFM?
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    Thank you to those who replied! Articles like...

    Thank you to those who replied!

    Articles like "Preparing Digital Camera Files" by Oliver Peters (scroll down to the section, "Processing media on location") indicate that I'm not alone wanting to...
  9. GH4 Has anyone here used the Fujifilm Color Space Converter to create a GH4 LUT?

    I read that the GH4 LUT created by the Fujifilm IS-mini Color Space Converter is worth considering. This program can be downloaded from here, and is free until the end of 2016. I'm not clever enough...
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    how do you search the forum for a phrase?

    I'm trying to search the DVX200 forum for occurrences of "Peaking Level" using Advanced Search. It finds instances of each word.
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    I'm curious about page 46 of Panasonic's...

    I'm curious about page 46 of Panasonic's "AG-DVX200 handbook_e" PDF. Page 46 shows a chart comparing the factory default scene file settings and the custom "still-like" one. They look identical to...
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    NOOB question about V-Log L post workflow

    All of the tutorials and articles I've seen about working with V-Log L (GH4, DVX200) involve applying a LUT to the edited timeline.

    I cannot imagine editing the washed-out V-Log L footage, much...
  13. What does "Initialize Customize Scenes?" lead to?

    Under "Other Functions" press "Initial Set", then press "Scene". The next prompt that appears is "Initialize Customize Scenes?". I've Googled, searched this forum, and searched all the DVX200...
  14. GH4 Will an adapted FF Nikon g lens be less sharp than the Lumix 12-35 zoom, in 4K?

    Doing some pre-purchase research about a "B" UHD video camera.

    The prolific author at the "A Suggestion of Motion" site has written a lot about employing adapters to use a full-frame lens with...
  15. What shipping case do you recommend for the DVX200?

    I ordered the "Panasonic Custom Hard Case for AG-DVX200 Camera" (p/n "DVX-CASE") from B&H but it turned out to be a generic case where the foam is not cut specifically for the DVX200. I could hog...
  16. Okay, so is the alternative another DVW200 or is...

    Okay, so is the alternative another DVW200 or is there another video camera suitable for use with the 200?
  17. Is the LUMIX G Camera DMC-GH4 a suitable "B camera" for DVX200?

    (I apologize for asking what may be redundant question but I couldn't figure out how to isolate a search to this sub-forum.)

    I shoot events and like to have a second camera on a WS. Is the LUMIX G...
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    Sony PXW-X70 "4K Upgrade" currently discounted

    I wanted to buy a couple PXW-X70 cameras today so I visted B&H Photo's site. They presently have two enticements:

    "0% 12 month Lease Financing Program"

    "Includes 4K Upgrade License Key"

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