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  1. [SOLD] Mac Pro 5,1 12-Core, 2 x 3.33Ghz, 1TB SSD, RX580 8GB, 64GB RAM, Mojave

    Been using this beast for the past 4+ years as my main FCPX rig. And Word rig, but well, overkill. It's a 2009 (4,1) with the firmware flashed to 2010 (5,1). I have never had a single issue because...
  2. [SOLD] [FS] LG 34UM88C-P 34-inch 3440x1440 monitor - 6 months old

    Hey, folks. I haven't been active on here for a while (to say the least), as I was back in the day when the 100a reigned supreme. But I've got some gear to sell, so I thought I'd give folks here a...
  3. [FS: General] $100 - Dallas-area only.

    $100 - Dallas-area only.
  4. [FS: General] $1,200

  5. [FS: General] And now $1,225.

    And now $1,225.
  6. [FS: General] $1,250

  7. [FS: General] Price lowered to $150.

    Price lowered to $150.
  8. [FS: General] Price lowered to $1,300.

    Price lowered to $1,300.
  9. [FS: General] MacBook Air 13.3" - 256GB SSD, 4GB RAM, ZAGG, current model - $1200

    Selling my MacBook Air. This is the current generation released last July. Basic stats:
    13.3-inch screen
    256 GB SSD drive
    4 GB RAM
    Lion 10.7.4 installed
    ZAGG protective film applied at...
  10. [FS: General] Nikon Nikkor 35mm f/1.8G AF-S DX lens - $150 free shipping

    Selling the last of my Nikon gear. This is a prime lens. Nikkor f/1.8G DX (DSLR only). With all original accessories (lens cap, bag, hood, paperwork, box) plus a UV filter. Nice and minty. Free...
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    Thanks, guys. I've got a cool video about it that...

    Thanks, guys. I've got a cool video about it that Chiat\Day did, but I can't post it until they change the music (rights issue).
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    I am @leeclowsbeard.

    If you have no idea what that means, here are some articles:

    Fast Company:...
  13. [FS: General] Closing!

  14. [FS: General] Started new thread with lower price (and no price...

    Started new thread with lower price (and no price in thread title). Mods, please delete this as you see fit.
  15. [FS: General] Formatt 85/ND1.2 4x4 glass filter - unopened - free shipping

    Sad that I found this while digging through old gear. A Formatt 4x4 filter, glass, of the 85/ND1.2 variety. Still unopened in it's plastic not-quite-shrink wrap. Although I did just open it to verify...
  16. [FS: General] $225

  17. [FS: General] Lowered price to $65.

    Lowered price to $65.
  18. [SOLD] $360. C'mon!

    $360. C'mon!
  19. [SOLD] Price lowered to $375.

    Price lowered to $375.
  20. [SOLD] Redrock Micro Follow Focus Gear Size C - $25 - free shipping

    What else do I need to say? Fits lenses with circumferences of 241 - 280 mm.

    Free shipping to US. PayPal gift preferred. Or bullion.
  21. [FS: General] Varizoom VZ-702 battery kit w/extra battery - free ship

    Selling my Varizoom battery kit that I used to use with an external monitor. Haven't used in three years and both batteries still had 60% charge when I tested them. As in, they were 60% full, not...
  22. [SOLD] Sigma 18 - 250 mm F/3.5-6.3 HSM DC OS Lens For Nikon - with UV filter

    The last of my Nikon gear. This was my go-to outdoor lens. Glass is minty. Has always had a UV filter on it, which I'm including. Comes with original box, bag, hood, paperwork.

    Pics here:...
  23. [FS: General] $100 - Amvona Dynatran AT 9903 Tripod w/100mm ball fluid head

    Moving. Must sell now. $100 -- local only in Dallas. C'mon, people!

    I bought this beefy tripod/head combo several years ago to use with my DVX/Brevis setup. Held the weight well. Sticks are beefy...
  24. [FS: General] Tiffen 72mm Black Pro-Mist 1 filter with case - free shipping - $35 OBO

    More finds from the grip bag. Barely used. $93 at B&H. Free shipping to US only. Paypal gift preferred. Thanks.
  25. [FS: General] New price - $100 OBO

    New price - $100 OBO
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