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  1. Anyone have feedback on the Farseeing Fention V-Mount Batteries?

    They seem to be from this company,

    I am considering using these for COB lights.

    Any feedback on these cells, as these seems to be...
  2. Teleprompter Beam Splitter Glass specs - wavelengths?

    Does anyone know the specs for the industry standard beam splitter glass for teleprompters?

    - Transmission = 70%
    - Reflective = 30%
    - Wavelength = ??

    The company I am trying to get it from...
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    Thank you all for your reply. Are you using...

    Thank you all for your reply.

    Are you using any filters on your lenses?

    Are CPL the best option especially for budget or solo film-makers to try and get the best transparent look from outside...
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    Tips for shooting inside car?

    Hi All,

    Are there any tips anyone would like to share about shooting the following for day or night;
    - interior cars from the outside,
    - interior cars from the inside.

    I have experimented...
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    Thank you for the reply Paul. I thought these...

    Thank you for the reply Paul.

    I thought these would last longer than using V-Mount batteries as they seem to have better value when comparing price to how long they will run a light for.
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    Using Power Stations to power COB lights?

    I am considering buying a power station to run an Aputure 120D II light instead of a V-mount battery?

    Any advise regarding this route?

    How do I know which power station to buy?
    - pure sine...
  7. Clarification of RGB, Tungsten and Daylight led lights?

    If you have two daylight bulbs going, is that 2 X brightness of 1 bulb? eg. A bulb pulls out 10 lumens, 2 bulbs would pull out 20 lumens?

    Is 2000K to 7000K (or RGB equivalent range) the full...
  8. Can you please upload a photo of how it looks...

    Can you please upload a photo of how it looks like from top and bottom?

    Thank you.
  9. Thank you Bern, but those kamerar quick release...

    Thank you Bern, but those kamerar quick release clamp is off center. Looking for one in the center.

    @morgan_moore - I was considering cutting it in half, but the plates I have, have a long center...
  10. Is there a short Manfrotto 501 plate about 50mm long?

    Is there a 501 style plate that can fit the 501 quick release system that is short like about 50mm?

    Is there a different model number for the short versions?

    Thank you.
  11. I am thinking of using two way mirror that is...

    I am thinking of using two way mirror that is made of plastic and not glass for a DIY teleprompter. Anyone ever used those instead of glass or is it a bad idea?
  12. Teleprompters - how many stops of light do you lose shooting through the glass?

    Anyone here use teleprompters that you shoot through and how many stops do you lose shooting through the glass?

    Can you tell me what properties the glass are when you loose x amount of light?

  13. Using NPF Batteries with Aputure 120D with an NPF to V-Mount Adaptor?

    Anyone tried something similar to this and how much run time did you get?

    I am considering either getting a 2 slot or 4 slot NPF to V mount converter to use on a Aputure 120D II Light?
  14. Any quality loss buying 3200K led lights and applying a filter to change to daylight?

    Even though your main use for led lights is daylight, would it be advisable to buy 3200K led lights and just use filters to change it to daylight?

    Are there any quality loss, artefacts or makes...
  15. Thank you all for the replies! I find those...

    Thank you all for the replies!

    I find those long carts where you lay the tripods and stands flat rattle and vibrates too much and not very good on different types of terrain.

    I have used those...
  16. Electric Cart or Trolley to move equipment around?

    Are there any electric carts around, that is similar to like a shopping cart or a electric golf buggy?

    As I mainly do one man projects, I find it a struggle having a backpack and then carrying...
  17. Are NAS or Surveillance hard drives good for Raid 0 for video editing?

    Surveillance and NAS drives seem to be cheaper with 64mb cache but lower rotation speed like 5400 or 5900.

    I am thinking of buying a pair and put it in raid 0 for larger drive and double the...
  18. Best approach when recording bright light to low light scene-ie. outdoors to indoors?

    When shooting a scene from outdoors with good lighting to indoors with low lighting, what would be the best approach.

    Example - Following a subject walking from patio to inside the house in the...
  19. Music Video rights when working paid, volunteer or Pro bono?

    What is the general consensus regarding working on Music Videos for;
    - paid
    - volunteer or pro bono

    What rights would you give the artist/client of the music video;
    - can the artist sell the...
  20. Checking the integrity of your backups files to the master files - backing up safely.

    How are you backing up your large video files and checking the integrity of it?

    I am currently using freefilesync between two drives, my project drive and backup drive and applying mirroring mode...
  21. Best affordable 4 bay NAS for Mac and PC network?

    Anyone can recommend a 4 bay NAS that I can network into a Mac and Windows setup?

    Am I better off choosing one computer platform(Mac or PC) when using the NAS and will there be any issues having...
  22. Monitor suggestions for Gigabyte Gtx1080 GPU, i7 6800K 6core, Premiere Pro CC

    Does using a 4K monitor and 22' monitor on my Gigabyte GTX1080 gaming GPU affect the performance of Premiere using CUDA? If it does, what areas of performance will it affect?

    If 27' is the best...
  23. Playing music from the main timeline when playing the nested sequence-for music video

    Is there a way to have the music from the main timeline playing in a nested sequence without having to import it into the nested sequence?

    I am creating a music video where I have nested a...
  24. Hi Essami, thanks for the quick reply. The...

    Hi Essami, thanks for the quick reply.

    The audio is muted and I have not modified the clips in any way. Just loading them onto the timeline and positioning them. As the amount of clips added onto...
  25. Placing unused footage on layers on the timeline without affecting performance?

    I am placing in similar position but in layers alot of footage on the timeline and turning off track output so that I can decide later which footage to use but I am noticing my system performance...
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