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  1. Lens Cover for Canon XL2 - Wide Zoom 3x Lens

    Can someone list the right lens cap for this?
  2. wow, ok, i didn't think laptops could go that...

    wow, ok, i didn't think laptops could go that high in price! any recommendations more in the 2,500 - 3,500 range?
  3. CS4 to CS5 Upgrade / Workflow - PC 32 bit over to Mac or PC 64 Bit

    Hey all, upgrading from a 32 bit laptop to a 64 bit laptop. I'll either upgrade CS4 (32 bit) to CS5 on a PC or Mac.
    My question is that if I just buy the Mac Premier Pro (i'll have to if I switch...
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    Editing 1080 XF-100 Files - LAPTOP

    Hey all, just received the XF-100 and time to upgrade my laptop. Been using current laptop for SD footage.
    Fortunately money isn't a huge issue. Any recommendations for laptop to edit 1080 footage...
  5. 720 Export - Audio not fully synched to Video

    Hello All, it's my first time using Premier CS4 w/ HD (usually use it for SD). On my somewhat fast Dell Studio XPS I'm noticing that when I've been exporting 1 minute 720p Video clips as MPEG2 and...
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    maybe I should somehow alter the scratch disk or...

    maybe I should somehow alter the scratch disk or something?
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    Also, something i just noticed, if I move to a...

    Also, something i just noticed, if I move to a new point in the timeline, I see in the bottom right of the screen - ' conforming xxxx.mpeg ' and a little yellow line fills up after a few seconds.
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    audio was in camera - the JVC GY-HD250 Camera. ...

    audio was in camera - the JVC GY-HD250 Camera. Isn't there some setting w/ Premier where like I can scrub in a very low res timeline but export in hd?
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    Playback issues

    Yes, I did click those and tried automatic and also draft, neither made any difference though unfortunately.
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    Edit HD but timeline playback in SD?

    Hi All, I'm editing my first HDV project (720p). Noticing as I scrub the timeline and edit that the audio
    doesn't link. Seems that it's just too much for CS4 to keep audio and HD video in synch.
  11. 16:9 Footage shot knowing it's going to 4:3

    Hey all, i'm shooting some video footage this week w an HD camera (JVC) in 720p at 16:9. But on the monitor I will tape over the 16:9 area so I can only see 4:3 as I will only want the end version in...
  12. XF 100 - ZOOM / Telephoto Lens Attachment

    Does anyone know of a quality Telephoto Lens Attachment setup that can be used with this camera? I saw a low quality 1.5x magnification attachment but haven't found anything else.

  13. Hey Barry and Boncrek, Ok, the Canon XF100 looks...

    Hey Barry and Boncrek, Ok, the Canon XF100 looks a little more appealing than the AC130, but I guess I missed one point that if I record in HD
    I can just digitize into Premire Pro ( Adobe CS4 ) at...
  14. Sony, Canon, or Panasonic - 4:3 and 16:9 - HD and SD, XLR, 40 Minute HD Recording Min

    I shoot 1 hour video interview's every month or so for my company. I have been using
    a Canon XL-2 for a year or so. Needless to say I need to upgrade a new camera and
    I'm baffled by all of the...
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    Best HD for Avid Xpress Pro HD

    Hey, I have the following system with Xpress Pro HD. I was using an XL2 but having finished the film, I now need to finally upgrade to an HD cam. I've learned from these forums that Xpress Pro is...
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    OMF Handle with Xpress Pro HD

    Using Xpress Pro HD and need to create 5 second handles for my OMF2 Exports. Does anyone know how to do this? I cannot find a handle option
    within the OMF2 Export menu. I do see the option to...
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    Tripod Head - Too Loose

    Been using a new Cartoni Tripod (W/Fluid Head) for one month and the
    tightening option seems to have severely faded in that I won't tighten 100
    percent vertically anymore. So for example when I...
  18. it sound like - 1) Avid 5.2.1 (what... it sound like -

    1) Avid 5.2.1 (what about Mojo? Is that needed if I go with a dual processor

    2) I would import at 1080/24p (when the update...
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    P2 Cards

    How much HD footage can be fit onto one of these 4gig cards?
    I'm guessing that if you're shooting a film, you would have to put
    each day's footage onto the computer, and trust you have no...
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    JVC Factory Lens

    Thinking about going w/ the JVC cam. Is the JVC Factory cam. decent? Good?
    I mean, compared, say with what you would get w/ the HVX

  21. $11,000 To Spend: Camera and Editing System

    I have been saving up for a while for a feature length DV film. I have all of my equiptment: Lights, Gels, C-Stands, etc; my crew, etc. The only thing left (last minute!) is to figure out which...
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