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  1. [FS: Optics] I attach pictures of the lens. PRICE DROP: from...

    I attach pictures of the lens. PRICE DROP: from 8K GBP to 7K GBP (firm)
  2. [FS: Optics] Pictures added 136283

    Pictures added

  3. [FS: Optics] Carl Zeiss CP.2 5x 21, 28, 35, 50, 85 Lens Set w/ ARRI PL Mount

    I would like to sell Carl Zeiss CP.2 five lenses set. Set included: 21/2.9, 28/2.1, 35/2.1, 50/2.1 and 85/2.1. They all are in Arri PL mount. All lenses with both caps. METRIC scales. Lenses are in...
  4. [FS: Optics] ARRI-MACRO 100mm T3 Self-Compensating Lens

    I would like to sell ARRI-MACRO 100mm T3 self-compensating lens. It has PL mount of course, two follow focus gears and both caps. Lens is in perfect overall shape, used just few times. Please, note,...
  5. [FS: Optics] LOMO Anamorphic SF 35mm T2.9 Lens in ARRI PL mount

    I would like to sell Lomo Anamorphic 35mm T2.9 lens. It is one part lens made from NAS 35mm front and custom made spherical back. This lens works now as BAS lens and no need any support. Spherical...
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