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    MUSIC VIDEO: My first music video, budget: 50$

    Well, this is my first music video it costed 50$ for the dinner we had after making the video. The artist is Bian "El B", member of "Los Aldeanos" which are a cuban rap band that is forbidden in Cuba...
  2. MUSIC VIDEO: The hottest Cuban Rap - BIAN "Me lo gane"

    This is my first music video, shot with 550d + 50mm f1.8
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    SHORT: Cuban Conga (2:11)

    Kids dancing and performing the Conga in the biggest party in Cuba "Los Carnavales de Santiago"
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    DOC: View Post

    Shot with 550d + Tamrom 18-270.
  5. DOC: Thanks, will correct the post. Thanks for the...

    Thanks, will correct the post. Thanks for the comments. I guess that there is some improvement in the look of the city but not much really. Saludos !
  6. DOC: Cuba Classic Car Regularity Rally 2011

    I shot this with a 550d and 1 Gopro, ext. mic but no too good. Edited in 1 day.Original music by YASO: ee@eeproducciones.comaqzvZdNxeDA
  7. SHORT: BTW: Post in CS5.5

    BTW: Post in CS5.5
  8. SHORT: 24h in Cuba - Myfirst timelapse film (advices and opinions are welcome and needed)

    Shot with 550d in Havana, Viņales, Santiago, Matanzas and Baracoa. Some sequences are HDR. Original music by YASO (my best friend)
  9. OTHER: The Hershey Train, the only electric railway in Cuba)

    Comment, critics and suggestions are welcome and apreciated ! Thanks. I also wantr to know what genre is this video and the others on that youtube channel...
  10. Shot on a 550d

    Thanks for the possitive comment, I used the least color correction, actually just a warm color filter. Thanks !Can you give me your youtube channel to try to see your work (in cuba internet is...
  11. That is exactly what I want to know...

    That is exactly what I want to know...
  12. I will like to know the value in the...

    I will like to know the value in the international market, putting aside the fact that I am in Cuba. Thanks to everyone !
  13. From Cuba, How much should I charge for these videos ?

    Hi, I live in Cuba and I dont know how to value my videos, for example i did this 2 videos and I would apreciate help on puting a price to them... ThanksBtw, all the videos in that youtube channel...
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    Thanks, took note...

    Thanks, took note...
  15. La Escalera, Santiago de Cuba (01:13)

    Critics, advices, tips and recomendations are welcomed, just 1 year in video experience. Thanks550d + 18-270mm + 50mm f1.8.
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    Bughouse Chess in Cuba

    I live in Cuba and bought my 550d + 18-270mm, 50mm f1.8 a year ago, so I only have 1 year experience in video production. I welcome critics, tips and advices.
  17. Thanks a lot, good to know that you liked them....

    Thanks a lot, good to know that you liked them. Traveling to Cuba should not be so difficult now...
  18. Please see my post below (it my first answer)....

    Please see my post below (it my first answer). The footage is not duplicated, but it truly looks like the same. For better exposure in Cuba´s high contrast scenes I will start testing the Cinestyle...
  19. Thanks man, my condolences to you too...

    Thanks man, my condolences to you too...
  20. Thanks for your time

    Thanks a lot Norman, your tips are really apreciated. Actually I started with this DSLR, I bough it 18months ago and then I started doing photography and videos. I do my edit in CS 5.5. My 18-270 is...
  21. Shooting and Post advices for these first videos I do

    Hi everyone, I am from Cuba, just starting no. No high speed internet in Cuba so I have almost no reference of other people´s work. Everything was shot with 550d + 18-270mm, 50mm 1.8, Tripod as...
  22. SHORT: The Hershey Train - The only Electric Train in Cuba am just starting, comments and critics are welcome. Thanks
  23. Are my Super short Videos Documentaries ???

    I live in Cuba and I shot this short documentary videos, what genre are they ?[br]
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    Dominoes in Santiago - Short movie

    I am cuban and I have always know that Dominoes is a very important thing !
  25. Thanks a lot, will take your advices, currently...

    Thanks a lot, will take your advices, currently trying to get a Followfocus and I am making my own shoulder rig. Thanks again !
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