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  1. Short Film LA Premiere Question - is Long Beach or Burbank,CA considered part of LA?

    Hello, I am new to the world of film festival "premiere" statuses.

    If you're submitting to a film festival that is located inside the city of Los Angeles, and they request a "LA premiere" for your...
  2. Are Canon RF lenses silent when auto focusing in video mode? Compared to EF lenses?


    I do a lot of filming with Canon's L-series EF lenses, and I can't help but notice that sometimes they're a little a noisy while using auto focus. If you're rapidly changing focus within a...
  3. Best accessory handles to convert DJI-RONIN S into Low-Mode, like Zhiyun Crane 3?


    I bought a DJI-Ronin S last summer (2018) when it came out.
    It's great, except when shooting low to the ground, it becomes an ergonomic challenge.

    I was intrigued by the Zhiyun Crane...
  4. Thanks everyone! I was able to get it working...

    Thanks everyone!

    I was able to get it working using this:

    ROCCAT - Juke Virtual 7.1 USB stereo Gaming soundcard & headset adapter...
  5. Using a Senneheiser EW100 G3 with iPhone8 using products from Best Buy?


    I've been thrust into a situation in which I need to very quickly and without warning, use a Sennheiser Wireless EW100 G3 kit with an iPhone 8 to record interviews.

    I am in a very rural...
  6. Recommended Aerial Mapping App for DJI Mavic Pro 2?


    I have tried using the Mavic Pro 2 with the Maps Made Easy app and had a unsuccessful experience with it.

    It cannot process the images taken - and when I contacted technical support they...
  7. FS5: (delete)

  8. FS5: Accidentally formatted SD Card using the FS5 before taking footage off -- recovery?

  9. Mavic 2 Pro Best Practice Camera Profile Settings?


    Anybody else flying the Mavic 2 Pro?

    I read that keeping the camera profile settings on 0,0,0 - induces a pretty harsh noise reduction filter that wipes out details.
    And that adding +1...
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    Ahh interesting. I use Lexar SD cards.

    Ahh interesting.

    I use Lexar SD cards.
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    Speaking from my own experience - recording 4K...

    Speaking from my own experience - recording 4K onto SD cards with the Canon 5D Mark IV is unreliable. Sometimes it will work if you're lucky, sometimes you will get that "movie has automatically...
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    I'm using a Canon 5D Mark IV, with 24-105mm lens on a Ronin-S gimbal. It works quite well.

    However, I had the misfortune of dropping the -20 screw that comes with the DJI Ronin-S into a...
  13. Ah fantastic, yep that worked! Thank you.

    Ah fantastic, yep that worked! Thank you.
  14. DJI Ronin-S -- is there a way to invert the thumb joystick so its like an aircraft?

    With the DJI-Ronin-S, does anyone know if its possible to alter it so that when pushing "up" on the thumb joystick/controller, the camera will point downwards, instead of "up"

  15. Thanks for the info. I was reading that if you...

    Thanks for the info. I was reading that if you say, recorded on the sound devices so that your peaks were -30db — you could still boost it by 20db in editing and have it sound clean. Whereas with the...
  16. Does the Sound Devices MixPre-3 or 6 have dual record like Tascam DR-60?


    I'm interested in investing in the next "step up" for portable audio recording after years of using a Tascam DR-60 which has faithfully served me.

    The Sound Devices MixPre-3 or 6 look to...
  17. Small HD Focus Monitor that will playback 4K DCI at 24.00fps ?


    I'm in the market for an external 5" inch monitor to stick on top of my Canon 5D Mark IV.

    I was looking at the Small HD stuff, but was having trouble distinguishing between the different...
  18. Thanks for the tips everyone. After conducting...

    Thanks for the tips everyone.

    After conducting more research on the options, seems like the the new Syrp Genie II is pretty good.
    I didn't realize it, but they say you can adapt it to existing...
  19. Best Motion Control Sliders for Timelapse with Canon 5D Mark IV?


    I am in the market for a motion control slider to use with DSLR cameras (in my case, Canon 5D Mark IV).

    Something to make really spectacular landscape timelapse videos in urban...
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    I should mention that if your recording 4K on the...

    I should mention that if your recording 4K on the 5D Mark IV -- it needs to be onto compact flash cards, not SD.

    Yes, you can record onto SD -- but within a few seconds you usually end up getting...
  21. Wireless Touch-To-Focus challenges with 5DMK IV, Canon Connect and iPhone 7


    I have a Canon 5D Mark IV that I have been using for 4K video production while I wait out the next cycle of cameras.
    Sometimes, I use the Canon Connect app with a regular iPhone 7 to...
  22. Tips for blending horror makeup prosthetics to skin in Adobe After Effects?


    I recently made a short film that had some full-on facial obesity prosthetics made for the actors.

    Unfortunately, the prosthetic didn't stick to their faces as well as hoped for one...
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    C200: Can any of you speak to how well DPAF works on...

    Can any of you speak to how well DPAF works on the Tamron 15-30 F/2.8 VC ?

    I was looking at that lens to use with the Canon 5D MK IV for it’s 4K crop in video – as well as on the C200 as a wide...
  24. The use would be filming in a confined space...

    The use would be filming in a confined space under time constraints, where a tripod may not fit and could be too bulky to move quickly -- good point about the monopod though.

    I've had good...
  25. Handheld 4K Filming on 5DMKIV - Tamron 15-30 F2.8 VR vs Canon 16-35 F2.8 III ?


    I'm looking for a lens to compensate for the 4K crop in video mode on my Canon 5D Mark IV.

    I would have loved for the Canon 16-35 F2.8 III to have Image Stabilization, but alas it does...
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