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    We're definitely taking every precaution when it...

    We're definitely taking every precaution when it comes to safety. Really, I'm more looking for the best way to get the look they got with the lighting in that reference video. One thing I've seen...
  2. [FS: Audio] Rode NTG-3 Special Edition & puffin wind screen

    I've got a great Rode NTG-3 that I just don't use enough to keep around (the vast majority of my work is cam-op stuff). It's in perfect condition (the electrical tape in the photo is just so that it...
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    Underwater lighting

    Hi everyone! I'm working on a music video I'll be shooting in a few weeks, and one of the main segments involves a lot of segments of a model dancing underwater. I'm super excited for the shoot,...
  4. That was my guess, I figured I would casually ask...

    That was my guess, I figured I would casually ask why they didn't have the people who shot it edit it and as long as it doesn't seem like some personal connection, just send over some of our work and...
  5. How to gently let someone know that they're working with incompetent vendors

    So, my production company recently got an editing gig putting together about 50 presentations from a conference. I'm not entirely sure why the original videographers who shot the conference aren't...
  6. [FS: General] The 5D is now $2200, the NTG3 is now $550

    The 5D is now $2200, the NTG3 is now $550
  7. Thread: Letus Helix

    by randomname

    [WTB] Letus Helix

    The title says it all, message me if you've got one.
  8. [FS: General] The monopod has been sold

    The monopod has been sold
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    DJI Ronin vs Letus Helix

    Has anyone here used both of these gimbals? I'm planning on buying one, but I can't find anyone nearby with a helix that I can try out before I make a decision. Both look like fun, but the Letus is...
  10. [FS: General] Canon 5D MKiii, Rode NTG-3 & Manfrotto Monopod

    Hi there! I'm in the process of upgrading some equipment and need to sell off what I'm replacing.

    5D MKiii: $2200 shipped

    This camera is an absolute workhorse. I've had it for about 3 years...
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    C100: Best B-Cam to the C100

    I've been shooting with my C100 for a year and a half now and am absolutely smitten with the camera. I've been using my 5D MKiii as a B-Cam and slow motion camera when I need it, but I've never been...
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    Getting started with Motion Graphics

    So, I consider myself a DP/Camera operator who also likes do dabble in things like directing and editing (I have a decent number of projects where I'll more or less be wearing all the hats), and...
  13. SHORT: Thank you for that insightful criticism....

    Thank you for that insightful criticism. Thankfully the judges disagreed and it made the finals!
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    C100: a bumper I shot on the C100

    Hi there!

    A few weeks ago I directed and DP'd an entry for the Fantastic Fest bumper contest. I don't normally direct, but I love horror comedy and thought it would be a fun change of pace to try...
  15. SHORT: My submission for the Fantastic Fest bumper contest

    Hi everyone! I just submitted my entry for the fantastic fest bumper contest and would love some feedback on it (and a like if you enjoyed it, one of the finalists is based on likes). I rarely...
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    Finding more work

    Hi there!

    First off, I want to start out by saying that I'm not writing this post to be self pitying or whine about why nobody wants to hire me. I have a small production company and that...
  17. Canon C100, 5D MKiii and lenses available in Austin, TX

    Hi there!

    I've got plenty of equipment that doesn't get used nearly enough, so hopefully some of you guys will be able to use it. Prices can be flexible if things are bundled, needed for longer...
  18. How often do you use diffusion filters?

    While I've never used one before on one of my shoots, I've been doing a lot of research lately and am trying to learn more about the different diffusion filters and when to use them. Is using a...
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    Filmmaker coworking in Austin

    Hi Everyone! After about 6 months of development, I'm excited to announce that Austin has a new Coworking office made specifically for filmmakers, photographers and videographers called Createscape...
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    [WTB] Sennheiser G2 or G3 wireless system

    Send me an email to if you've got one, thanks!
  21. OK, well, I suppose I should have translated that...

    OK, well, I suppose I should have translated that for everyone here. While he said "high quality audio," what he meant was "the best possible you can send straight in to the camera without spending...
  22. Best option for recording a drumline competition

    So i've recently been hired to shoot a drumline competition and the client is very specific in that they want high quality audio from the floor. The problem is that the camera is going to be about...
  23. [FS: General] The DP6 is now $400 The EX Kit is now $100 ...

    The DP6 is now $400

    The EX Kit is now $100

    The Jr. Solarspot is now $375

    The LED panel is now $100

  24. [FS: General] Price Drop! The DP6 is now $425 The EX kit...

    Price Drop!

    The DP6 is now $425

    The EX kit is now $110

    The Jr. Solarspot is now $400

    The LED panel is now $120
  25. [FS: General] edited for photo limit

    edited for photo limit
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