Austin, Texas Filmmakers

  1. Drew Ott
    Drew Ott
    welcome, welcome.
  2. jpsheets
    What's shakin' guys?
  3. robbie79
    Whats up everybody?
  4. Philip Goetz
    Philip Goetz
    Austin, Texas Filmmakers... Not quite the hot place for info...yet. I have an idea. Why not post what gear you have and what your bread and butter is. Makes it easy to get a camera or a second camera and sort specialties and tasks. I'll start! I have every camera and rent and sell them.
  5. bobmcdonald4
    Hi guys, moving to Austin from NYC soon, just wanted to get acquainted. I'm a director and do all sorts of other work too, mostly DPing. I have a Canon 7D package, 70-200 2.8, and a growing collection of MF super speed primes available for use or rent.
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