Independent Screenwriters

  1. Screenplay Guru
    Screenplay Guru
    Hello... just thought we should have our own group to get to know each other better and shoot the s*%t as they say.
  2. Kartunehustla
    Good Idea for a social group. Glad I found out about it
  3. Screenplay Guru
    Screenplay Guru
    I wanted to thank everyone who has joined up so far.
  4. Ashfire Films
    Ashfire Films
    Does everyone here use Final Draft or something else?
  5. Nick Sidorovich
    Nick Sidorovich
    Greetings. I'm new to DVX User and always happy to discuss screenwriting.
  6. Ashfire Films
    Ashfire Films
    Has anyone read the columns of at Word Play? Pretty good stuff.
  7. Jeffrey Rice
    Jeffrey Rice
    Hi, all. New here, writer and teacher past 6 yrs. Happy to discuss no-budget screenwriting any time
  8. Lori
    To Ashfire Films: I recently started using free software at I'm really happy with it. It even exports to PDF.
  9. Ashfire Films
    Ashfire Films
    Thanks Lori. A friend and I are co-writing a TV pilot and he lives out of state. This might be a better solution than emailing files back and forth.
  10. vin
    Hi all.. I am a newbie here and I am really happy to discuss about screenwriting
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