UK folks

  1. RobinFrank
    I've said it once and I'll mention it again,

    it really is a good place to network and advance your career. (This is not spam, its a personal message from me. : >
  2. LadyNatasha87
    Hi Guys any advice for a young girl trying to make her way into the film industry.
  3. Jack Daniel Stanley
    Jack Daniel Stanley
    Hi folks.

    Anyone with P2/Raylight experience? If so, may have a P2 off loading gig for you in Wales 2/18 & 2/19.


  4. allenfacemire
    This may not be the forum or thread for this but..WTF, I'm here.
    I have a client who needs either a production group or facilitator for a multicamera shoot in Marrakesh January 13, 2018. It involves a race , broll and documenting a forum afterewards. This looks like a turnkey operation as they want the project transcribed, edited and a French translator supplied. Anybody who has an interest, a contact or who can point me in the right direction, please contact me via
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