DFW Filmmakers

  1. EmbassyPictures
    Well TX people we're a proud bunch of folks and we need our own forum to discuss upcoming projects and things going on in our area
  2. morpuddypond
    Well I'm a few hours away from DFW (I live in Lubbock, about 5 hours away) but I get down that way a lot and would love to be involved in some productions there.
  3. Tom More
    Tom More
    So not a whole lot of activity in this group but that doesn't mean we can't get it going! I'm new to the forum and just started my production company, Restrung Lefty Media (www.RestrungLefty.com) this past year. It's still a part-time gig that I hope to make full-time in 2013 so I'm looking for projects, collaborative or otherwise. My initial focus is corporate video for small business but I'd like to get involved in wider areas such as documentary and indie film. You can find my work to date on the site or my YouTube page www.YouTube.com/user/restrunglefty. Looking forward to connecting with y'all in DFW.

    Tom More
  4. fobers95
    Hi I am Jonathan Fobes, I am seven teen years old and I am a writer/director. I haven't made a movie yet but I did just finish a re-write on a script that I wrote last year, and hope to film it over the summer. I am currently working on my second novel, that I plan on making into a script.
  5. Tom More
    Tom More
    Hi Jonathan, glad to see you're starting early. My advice...save everything you write and produce no matter how it turn out. You never know when something will provide ideas for the future.
  6. jpnayak
    Hi Everybody,

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