1. myriadeyes
    I've yet to actually go check it out, but if anyone is interested in making more contacts in Nashville, here's a group that has a monthly meetup.
  2. matt s.
    matt s.
    cool. the same group can be found on facebook also
  3. MisterCat
    I didn't realize they had a Meetup group for this. I joined a hiking Meetup a while back but never have looked for other groups. Thanks for posting.
  4. MisterCat
    Hey Chris, I'm stuck at work building a presentation for Monday. Wanted to come out to your shoot but not sure I'm going to be able to make it out there. Hope everything is going well!
  5. Chris Adams
    Chris Adams
    Hey sorry, I probably should have checked this. Shoot went well. Finished product here:

    Could have used some better lighting, but oh well.
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