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  1. Kess
    It's November 1st and there is no better time to get going than to start fresh at the beginning of a new month. Of course I believe that no single day of the week or month is any more important than any other day. Friday is the same as Monday, etc. Most people can't wait to get to Friday, because the job they are working makes them wish time away. In that regard we have to choose each day with the same mindset. The mindset that we will make progress. If we don't make progress on a daily basis then it's a wasted day...a day that we cannot ever get back.

    I've attached two files in the file area. The first file is what I call a Biography or Bio sheet. It's for you to look at and go through. This will ask you many questions about yourself. It will help yo understand some of your tendencies towards your life, your progress, everything about you. You can share your thoughts if you like...or choose not to. We all have reasons why we do certain things, but the bottom line is that we have to change if we are not making progress on a daily basis. Use this sheet for your script characters as well. If you don't know your script characters then your writing will suffer.

    The other file is a simple daily log. Use this for at least three days to get a better understanding of how you spend your time. You may not be aware of how you use every minute of your day. Every time you check your email write it down. Every time you look in the refrigerator for something to eat...write it down. Every time you turn on the TV write it down. Fill this in every 15 minutes. If you wait several hours to fill it in you wil forget what you did. You will only remember the good parts of your day...not the time wasting parts of your day. That is what we are after...the time wasters.

    In a few days I will have more info on habits and how we are going to break the old bad habits and set new ones. Are you ready?

    There is no time like now!

    Best wishes,

  2. Kess
    Now that you have been keeping tabs on what you do on a daily did do
    that right? You filled out the daily log right? If not then you need to do it starting
    today. The world does not wait for those who fall behind. We have to make daily progress or we get left behind. It's that simple. No emotion...just the simple facts. Facts don't lie.

    So look at your daily log and find those habits that cause you to lose
    waste time.

    The next step is to take a blank daily log and fill it out with what you are
    going to do on a daily basis. This is your new daily life. You have to write down when you will check email...when you will work on your scripts...when you will read and educate yourself. Block out that time so things get done when they need to get done. Prioritize your daily life or you will continue to waste time. You will continue to not get done what you need to get done.

    So start now!

    Either we make progress or we make excuses
  3. Johan, Dk
    Johan, Dk

    I'm experiencing difficulties in exporting footage from a hvx 200. I'd like to transfer the footage to an external hdd, but when I get to the part where you can choose to format the hdd, copy to hdd ect. (page 83, part 5 in the eng manual) I only get one option - to activate or deactivate 'varify'. I can see the other options, but only in gray, and I cannot move from the 'setup' line.
    The camera is set to 1394 host and the p2 card setup, as the manual dictates, but surely some setting must be wrong - or does the camera need service of some kind?
    Obviously, I'd be very grateful if some clever person/-s could help me clear the issue.

    Regards j
  4. Kess
    How many hours per day or week are you writing? We all have a million things we can be doing every day, but it comes down what is most important. How important is your writing? Instead of going to lunch with friends or coworkers could you be writing instead? Yes! It all comes down to how bad you want to be a writer. Your competition is writing. Are you?
  5. btownproductions
    Sorry, I had to join this group just so I could comment... but, what the hell?? Are you serious? lol
  6. Pro1022
    Hello all,

    I am a new Filmmaker in Nigeria, Africa and I need help with my technicals. I have Sony PD 150 cameras but I want to be able to achieve pictures with the same depth of field and angle as the 35mm format. What do I need to do? Please recommend what I need to get, where I can get them and how much they are likely to cost.

    Thanks all.
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