View Full Version : HDR-FX7, HVR-A1 or HV20

04-28-2007, 02:26 AM
Im new on this forum. I hope i'm posting this thread in the right
forum part. Sorry if i'm posting in the wrong one.

My old sony consumer cam dcr-trv25e has just died and
now Im looking for a new cam.
Im not a pro but want to learn more about filming.

My aim is to buy a cam thats not to "professional" but is a step higher
then my old cam and gives me some more control than my dcr-trv25e had.

The following cams I have in mind: sony HDR-FX7, HVR-A1 or the canon HV20.

Im going to use the cam for some wedding filming and for making some
short movies as a hobby.

Can anyone help me out to choose the right cam. My bugget is arround
2500 euro's. Other cam suggestions are welcome too.

05-15-2007, 02:11 PM
of the cams you mention i have the fx-7 also a hc-1,picture wise the fx-7 is diffferent than the hc-1 possibly a bit sharper but the colors of the little cam are every bit as good usually.where the fx-7 scores is its larger has a 20x lens plus d extender.it also has many more on cam controls[look for a test on google etc]the canon hv20 is getting very popular but like the sony hc-1 and hr7 is a small type cam.the hvr a1 is a popular semi pro model which gives great results when the the settings are set to your liking.all the best with your choice