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03-18-2007, 04:00 PM
Don't kill me guys--

I did a search on this topic but found little info.

Are there any HDV cams with interchangeable lenses (no third party adapter needed), other than the JVC GY- models (HD110U, HD200U, HD250U) and the Cannon XLH1?

I currently have a panny DVX100B w/SGpro adapter and numerous SLR lenses, and, although I like it a lot, I'm getting poised to upgrade to HDV. But, I really have become accustomed to shallow DOF with the SLRs.

So are there any other HDV cams with interchangeable lenses, say for under $12,000?



03-25-2007, 10:11 PM
I like the idea of the JVC with it's proprietary adapter (HZ-CA13U) and PL mount lenses. Costly alternative, though.

Check out Tim Dashwood's footage at Sundance 2007.