View Full Version : External Sound source (Beachtek?).

01-05-2004, 02:03 PM
Okay I've got a shoot coming up where the floorplan is such that I can't expect to capture all sound on the my DVX100. *We're shooting an improvasational dinner sequence that will include traffic between 3 rooms (kitchen, dining room, and living room/foyer). I've got 2 ME66/k6 units as well as the onboard DVX mics. *To give myself some flex I was considering having the sound recorded on an external device but since I don't own one (yet), I'm forced to make some compromises.

I'm considering purchasing the Beachtek ADX-4P ($159) and connecting it to my Panasonic AG-EZ50 3CCD camera. *The Beachtek will give the camera 2 XLR inputs. *I figure since I don't have a DAT I can use that camera to capture 16 bit sound. *Has anyone used the Beachtek? *Is it worth the money? *Any feedback would be great.

I suppose I could purchase a cheap MiniDisc recorder and go that route but that would also need some sort of basic mixer (for the XLR inputs and levels). *Also I'm not sure about compression artifact that come with MiniDisc recorders *- How do they handle multiple voices and clanking dishes?

Lastly I'm looking for advice regarding using a Sennheiser EW112P omni-directional wireless as a stashed mic in the center of the table. I figure I've got the available XLR ports on the DVX100 open...

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.