View Full Version : Slow motion in-camera, or use frame rate converter?

John K
10-21-2006, 12:14 AM
Just finished my first shoot on an HVX. I was shooting at 720 24PN and most of the shots were done at 24fps. I tried a few slo-mo setups with the Variable Frame Rate switched to 60fps. They looked slo-mo in camera, but after pulling them off the card they don't look like the smooth slow motion shots I expected. Still, the slow-motion was created in camera and not using the Frame Converter tool in FCP, which only works on 720 60 (59.94) footage, which I didn't shoot.

So is there a big difference then? Is there any benefit to shooting at 60fps and converting it to 24fps later, versus using the variable frame rate setting in the camera? Is 720 24P shot at 60fps the same as 720 60p frame converted to 24P? Why the two options?:huh:

(BTW, please let me know if this should be posted in a different forum)