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10-09-2006, 08:35 PM
Last July (timing being "everything") while between gigs I was DP and co-Director of a 48Hr. Project film in Nashville, TN.

I was lucky enough to be part of a very good team in which we had clear divisions of duties. My Producer/co-Director had rounded up a team of writers and actors meanwhile I gathered together the bulk of the crew.

On Fri. I packed all of my gear (DVX100 & a borrowed "spare body" and my lighting) and a few borrowed grip pieces including a speed-rail dolly, basically a high-hat on skate board wheels that travel on a pair of speed rail sections that are bracketed together to fit onto two low-boy combo stands. Want to dolly across the kitchen counter? We did. We could basically set up a 6' dolly move anywhere the two stands and speed rail would fit.

My sound guy provided all of the wireless mics, shotgun mic & boom pole, mixer, etc. . . I did have my usual mics and cables on hand as back-up but they weren't needed.

Fri. evening, we picked up our Genre (Detective) and the three requirements: 1) line of dialog - "go ahead, walk all over me!" 2) prop - wagon 3) character - Fred or Faye Malone, cleptomaniac and proceeded back to home base to confer with the writers, and set them to work. In short order they had a couple of treatments and we settled on one that would showcase a young actor we had on hold, AND his acting coach.

First thing Sat. morning I shot a family portrait of 3 of our actors with my Olympus 7 MP still camera and had the memory card run down to the local Kroger (supermarket) to have a couple 8x10's printed. I love all of this new technology!

Mid afternoon Sat. out editor checked in as he was ready to start cutting.

Our location was great, we got a house, a restaurant (which many people asked where it was located) and a hotel out of it with minor redressing.

We wrapped at 9:30PM Sat. night.

SUn. mmorning, we decided that we needed to re-shoot one scene with our two main characters, which we re-staged on my co-Director's street. On the whole we were all much happier with this new performance and setting.

We were very lucky and managed to avoid the majority of the pit-falls I've seen "go down" on these types of excercises. Everything went smoothly, no tense moments, everyone did their job, and pitched in to help other departments as needed.

All-in-all an enjoyable experience, which I didn't want to do one of these if it wasn't going to be fun!

We shot 24P normal I used a very "vanilla" setting for my interiors and dialed in a little more contrast for my exteriors. I still didn't go quite as far as the original factory settings tho'. We shot full screen not knowing how projection was going to be. I feel it allowed me to compose several some-what claustrophobic scenes.

Our editor used Final Cut Pro, and we had one of the best music mixers in Nashville Scoring the film.

Nashville had 42 teams complete their projects on time for competition. As with all 48 Hour Project cities only the "best film" goes on to the final competition.

We give out a lot of awards and our "art house theatre" the Belcourt shows our films for 1 week, in two alternating groups. We were fortunate enough to recieve "Best of Genre", "Best Actress" and "Runner-Up" for our score.

We plan to enter "Following Reason" into the Nashville Film Festival and Birmingham's SideWalk Fest for 2007.

I can't thank my crew or all of the other team members enough for helping to make this a successful and enjoyable experience.

I'll try to post some stills soon.