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10-05-2006, 08:21 PM
Hey forum diehards. Its that time again! But this time I don't need a shotgun mic haha. I just purchased a shot gun mic and that is GREAT for interview or close quarter quality sound. But I own a Panasonic AG-DVC30 amd of course the stereo mic on this camera is more than unworthy. My 12 year old camera MONO mic has a better mic than this thing! So I need some suggestions on an omni directional stereo mic that I can buy, below the $100 level, in fact it can be below $50 for all I care. I just want a mic that I don't have to scream from 5 feet away in order for it to pick up the sound. The quality doesn't have to be great either because I just want it for when I need to record something in my back yard and I need to hear all around me. I also want a mic that can pick up sound from a good distance (more than 10 feet away, so more like up to 100 feet). And of course when I research mics for camcorders all I can find are shotgun or lav mics so that doesnt help me. So please post some replys on some suggestions for a omni directional mic. Thanx

10-05-2006, 08:44 PM
Not sure if you understand what you are looking for. Pretty much any mic can pic up sounds from a mile away or even more. Distance is not the issue, decibals is. Decibals are obviously effected by distance (inverse square rule) but I don't think that is what you are concerned about.

Basically if you want the mic to you or some other sound 100 feet away, it's "signal" db has to above the "noise" db of the surround audioscape. No mic will change that. The various forms of cardiod mics will attenuate the db's of sound coming from off axis sources but not eliminates it. An omni does not even have that going for it. Everything is a 360 degree sphere will be recorded equally.

Now stereo recordings can help a listener to decipher distinct sound sources but again I don't know if that applies to what you are trying to do.

What is it you are actually trying to record?

If you just want the cheapest stereo condenser mic, walk into Radio Shack, Best Buy, etc and ask them to hook you up.

More information of what you are looking to do will help to get a better answer.


10-05-2006, 09:54 PM
I don't want to do anything SPECIFIC like I said. THis is just for randomn occasions when I want to record something with an Omni stereo mic. If you have ever used the AG-DVC30 you would know why I am asking this question. Because the internal mic on that can't hear any dialogue more than 15 feet away unless someone screams at the top of their lungs, and then it will come in not very loud at that. But if I can get a simple mic ato ne of those places, or if a link for some cheap mics could be posted that would be great. And the explanation you gave wabbit is like chinese to me, I'm a newbie at this so any advice you give could probably be in 30 words or less haha.