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10-04-2006, 09:26 PM
I pm'd Shannon Rawls, so I may get an answer. If I do I'll post.

Does anyone know how many lines of vertical resolution the canon HDV camcorders resolve at when in 24F mode?


10-04-2006, 09:31 PM
Thanks Shannon!


Seriously, this is amazing! This clinched my A1 decision! That resoultion chart is beautiful!

10-05-2006, 04:59 AM
According to David Newman, who has actually tested a (prototype?) Sony V1U, the V1U has more vertical resolution than the Canon, but the Canon has more horizotnal Res.

10-05-2006, 08:38 AM
meta4, if you want to be absolutely sure about your choice, wait till December for first side-by-side comparisons, both in progressive and interlaced modes.

If shallower DOF is important to you, Canon will be better choice (and that's one of important reasons why I chose A1). If you don't care or will always be using it with 35mm adapter, then the choice is tougher.

A1 (just like G1) is compatible with lens accessories and batteries made for all Canon XL camcorders.

Canon's progressive compression in F mode is more effective than standard split frames method of recording used by Sony, but it requires compatible device for playback (A1, G1, H1 or small HV10 camcorder sometimes called "deck" :) ). Tapes recorded with Sony V1 can be played back on any HDV compatible equipment.

If camera weight matters to you, V1 is lighter (3.1lb vs 4.4lb).

Diagonal pixels in V1 may produce some artifacts in images along high contrast lines in non-vertical and non-horizontal directions, but that remains to be fully tested.

To me it seems like Sony chose 1/4" sensors to bring the price down to match the competition. 1/3" CMOS sensors and larger lens would probably bump up the price by $1k or so.

Based on first images available from these cameras, both are excellent choices.