View Full Version : Panasonic video camera won't read time / date stamp from Sony mini-DV tapes

10-02-2006, 09:36 PM
My Sony TRV-17 recently died, and I had to buy a new video camera. I got a Panasonic NV-MX3000 as a replacement. It imports video from the old tapes over Firewire just fine, but evidently not the time / date stamp. I went in to find the date the images were originally taken, which is transferred from the Sony cameras, but the only info available now is when they were captured (which I really don't care). I was kind of surprised that this didn't work, since I thought the time / date stamp would be a Firewire or Mini DV feature, and not some proprietary Sony thing. Does anyone know more about this? Am I going to have to buy an old Sony camera to read the date stamps off the tapes?

Thanks, Bob