View Full Version : Viewer Input...please :)

Michael Nice
07-17-2006, 07:50 PM
I've been working with some pictures I took to create a nice framed poster as a gift to some co-workers. I was hoping you guys could provide some input on which way I need to go with the pictures. I'm wanting somthing cool but also kinda creative and fresh, not really sure what I am doing with the color ethier. any input is greatly appericated.


pic 1: http://nicevideo.net/myPictures/tower%20copy.jpg

pic 2: http://nicevideo.net/myPictures/studio%20b.jpg

07-18-2006, 03:42 AM
dang those are bigassed pics.
Anyway, i prefer the second picture, coz it shows alot of high tech gear...looks cooler. lol. However for both of them, i feel the inlays look a tad trippy...doesn't look very professional...just my 2 cents. The source images look good tho, but i'd suggest making the blending less subtle coz especially for the first one it looks like mistakes in the photo rather than an intentional inlay