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Ari Presler
06-03-2006, 06:55 AM
We are interested in manufacturing some support rigs for the Mini, similar to the those the "Spoon" team put together.

Any requests or suggestions on the form factor, support structures, handles, integrated rods, battery plates, mounting, etc?

Here are a few of the photos for ideas:



06-03-2006, 07:39 AM
these photos are beautiful..

you will win an award in next Sundance..

or when an indie filmmaker will win an academy award (for sure! you will see!!) it will be yours the technical achievement..

Ari Presler
06-03-2006, 11:38 PM
Thank you for the nomination.

YES. The academy should recognize the teams and individuals that innovate the transition from F ilm to Silicon, in the new IT-centric Digital Cinema world.

Academy...here we come. Now, who wants to go with us?


06-03-2006, 11:59 PM
hey Ari!.. i know it isn't a rig but it's a good hint:

please answer that doubt or ask to Jason to do it.. btw, who's Steve?.. i thought he was the SI owner but now it seems that you are the man in charge.. is that so?

Ari Presler
06-04-2006, 12:36 AM
Audio Support 16/48 audio (2 ch) is currently recorded in the AVI file. We also have some nice audio level meters so you can see what's happening. You can use any external device with standard Windows WAV drivers (not ASIO) or use on-board PC HD audio.

24/96 needs ASIO support with recording to QT, since video-for-windows is limited to two channels at 16/48. In order to get embedded 24/96, you will need equipment capable of 24/96 (such as a USB audio device, or on-board HD audio that can record at 24/96).

We still feel the best way to get good 24/96 is to use an external audio recording device and sync it with the camera. We can do that very nicely right now since we have time-of-day timecode, so you can sync everything up using a timecode slate, We will also have LTC syncing in the future, so you can slave the camera's timecode to the audio device if you choose.


Steve is "VP of Product Development" and "Leader of the Revolution (Eve-olution)".